Awesome 3D flooring art and 3D bathroom floor murals

If you are a lover of 3D floor art, see our review and gallery of 3D floor designs, 3D flooring ideas, 3D bathroom floor, self-leveling floor-compound advantages and disadvantages, 3D floor murals for the kitchen, 3D floors
The 3D technology is gaining increasing popularity: 3D wallpaper , 3D wall panels, and 3D floor art. The floor is the basis of 3D volumetric image that brings novelty to your mind as it look like floors. It is not just 3D flooring, it is a beautiful and unique 3D floor art object, which is fun for many years, because it is very strong and durable.

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3D bathroom floor designs, 3D flooring ideas

5 Steps to install 3D flooring in your bathroom

How to install 3D bathroom floor murals, 3D flooring prices. our 3D flooring ideas and 3D floor designs will help you in choosing and installing your 3D floors art in your home
Traditionally, the floor in the bathroom is made of ceramic tiles . This material is best suited for the use in "harsh" conditions of the bathroom - easy to care for it and it is fine to withstand the prolonged exposure to moisture. An alternative is the so-called 3D flooring tiles or self-leveling 3D floor art, which will be discussed in this article, where we explore all of 3D flooring characteristics, to determine the advantages and disadvantages, and deal with the question of how to install bathroom 3D floor designs.
The 3D floor looks impressive and very unusual. If before being home flooring technology, it is mainly used in the interiors of hotels, restaurants and luxury boutiques, now more than 90% of all orders fall on the 3D floor art in the apartments and suburban homes.

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3D flooring art: pros and cons

3D bathroom floor designs, 3D flooring ideas
3D bathroom floor designs, 3D flooring ideas
The advantages of the bathroom 3D floors are quite a lot - in principle, it can even be called the perfect solution for this room. And all thanks to the following advantages.
Highest performance - this bathroom 3D flooring is a functional floor:  it isn't be scratched, very easy to clean and able to serve at least 15 years of age, without changing its color.
Under the 3D flooring, you can easily put any system of underfloor heating - heat conductivity of this type of 3D bathroom floor would be hidden even iron battery.
The 3D bathroom floors have excellent anti-static characteristics - self-leveling floors do not conduct electricity.
Monolithic. 3D flooring hasn't any seams or joints - self-leveling floors in the bathroom are made as a continuous array.

If I convinced you and you decide to give preference to self-leveling floor and the 3D bathroom flooring, then you should know about them that these 3D floors can be made of different materials.

Base layer may be monotonous, coated with a stencil pattern or design, with interior motion picture printed on vinyl sheet, with this which you can make a 3D fine decor, as you can make all kinds of buttons, coins , seashells, colored sand and other small items. Here, as they say, a matter of taste, and only you have the choice of the decoration for your bathroom 3D flooring. I should mention that the 3D bathroom floor murals are expensive, but the effect justifies all costs.

How to install LED light strips and RGB strip lights for ceiling

Browse our technical tips, decorative ideas and how to install LED light strips for ceiling, The difference between installing the RGB led strip lights and the monochrome strip lighting and how to install LED ceiling lights
Let's check some useful tips for how to install LED strip lights,  monochrome and RGB LED strips ( 12 / 24V), which material is necessary to use. Let's focus on flexible LED light strips that are very easy to install thanks to the 3M adhesive on the back of the strip that sticks to any surface.
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As the LED light strips are flexible elements, they take up very little space, work with low voltage and offer a variety of colors and effects, allow plenty of lighting and decorative applications.
Lighting strips of white LEDs usually used in their cold and warm shades  that can be assembled to achieve effects of direct and indirect light.
But if you want to combine the color with the light, so it's the RGB LED strip lighting

One of the great advantages of RGB LED strip lights is that we can make the size we need, and we can cut the strip to fit the required size or combine it with another RGB LED strip to make it longer for corners or curves.

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Basic steps of installing RGB LED strip lights

installing RGB led strip lights, decorative ceiling LED lights
installing RGB led strip lights, decorative ceiling LED lights
installing RGB led strip lights, decorative ceiling LED lights
Measure the space where you will install the RGB LED strip lights
Cut the proper length for the space where you are installing. Cut the strip from the sites marked by model.
Clean the surface where you will install the LED strip lights, remove adhesive protector from the back and paste it into the selected area
Connect  the end of the strip with a connector and this in turn to the power supply. If the length is sent to more than 8 meters, we have to install a power amplifier to reach good signal to the whole strip.
The power supply of the strip will be as total watts (W) having the section we're going to install. We must take into account the power of the controller and amplifier.

Cut the LED strip:  strips must always be cut by grid lines marked on the strip with scissors. The cuts will be made ​​depending on the model of the LED strip . The remaining sections can still be used.

Welding the RGB LED strip lights: All divisible strips have marked lines to join them by welding. Be careful to keep the welder brief contact with the strip to weld, since excessive heat will damage the strip
Warranty Important notice: The division and welding of the strips is not covered by the guarantee since you are responsible. Cut strips and parts are also excluded from any warranty.

LED strip splicing sections: Depending on how is the situation do the joint, we will use a connector type or another. Joints may be:

Linear strips when joints are made ​​straight. There are rigid and flexible connectors for such joints.
Angular to install the LED light strips in corners. This type of connector of splicing strips are welded on these occasions.
Connectors for RGB LED strip lights have 4 pin (special few connectors can have up to 6 connectors), while the monochrome strips use pin connectors and strips of dual white use 3 connectors

When to use an amplifier to install LED strip lights?

In the installation of strips whenever we go to use a controller (monochrome or RGB) and the length is more than 8 meters, we will need an amplifier for every 8 meters to make the signal intensity reaches perfectly to the whole LED strip. Generally in the monochrome LED strips do not need to install a driver, but if we want to control the light intensity, we'll need.

Installation examples for RGB LED strip lights

To avoid brownouts and to make the led strip lights equal in all sections, each section should not exceed 5 meters long. Between the power supply and LED light strip the maximum cable length is 3 meters. If necessary extend this length use a larger wire section to avoid voltage drops.
Check the technical specifications of the controller of the LED light strips to be used in the installation to know the maximum meter strip that the controller can support.

25 Latest dressing table design ideas for all bedroom styles

Today I bring an almost exclusively for girls post and I am going to talk about Latest dressing table designs: how to choose the suitable dressing table design, how to place it according to your bedroom interior and some makeup dressing table ideas to inspire you in this process. that obscure object of desire coveted like having a dressing room. Furthermore I bring some suitable proposals for small houses, our houses are not mansions and we must seize every square meter in their interior.

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dressing table ideas

Makeup dressing table design

 how to choose your dressing table design

Makeup dressing table is a very useful piece for us, a place to store the beauty accessories and keep everything at hand in an orderly manner, also they bring a touch glamour in our bedrooms . It is not necessary to take a large space in the bedroom for the makeup dressing tables, you can use the a corner in the bedroom and buy a corner dressing table design or even make a modern dressing table built-in the wardrobe, it is more than perfect. White dressing tables or other light colors are the best choice because they provide light and clarity to our look and face
It isn't necessary to spend a lot of money to buy a dressing table from on of the furniture stores, you can design your own one with Low Cost, or being skillful to recycle and renew your old furniture. With a little imagination you can get amazing results!

Where to place

Typically, Dressing tables is placed in the bedroom, and sometimes - in the spacious hall, in a dressing room or bathroom. But for perfect makeup application is essential to ensure that the daylight reaches the dressing table place. Therefore, place the dressing table near the window. If you are looking for options to save space, opt for corner dressing table designs. In the absence of extra square meters in the bedroom you can place the chosen dressing table design in the alcove or even a storeroom.
It is undesirable to put a dressing table opposite to the window, It is the most unfortunate place. With this arrangement, the mirror will reflect the harsh light into the eyes. And the your face will always be in the shade.

see the video of functional makeup dressing table ideas and latest dressing table designs 2015

In case you have a large space in your closet or bedroom where you will place your dressing table vanity, you can place large mirrors to provide greater feeling of space and light , giving the space the perfect sense.

Dressing table ideas for different uses

Full catalog of Japanese style bedroom decor and furniture

If you are a lover of originality, browse our catalogue of Japanese style bedroom design ideas, Japanese bedroom furniture, platform bed frame, Japanese curtains, ceiling, color schemes and wall decoration
Japanese style bedroom interior is a kind of ode to the virtues of simplicity, functionality, and, ultimately, the harmony of body and spirit. The bedroom, like no other room in need of compliance with this principle, It is the place where you recover the wasted day of energy, the Japanese bedroom furniture set provides relaxation, perhaps, calm and impartial analysis for the occurred day events.

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Japanese bedroom furniture set, platform bed

Japanese style bedroom furniture, white platform bed
Japanese style bedroom furniture, white platform bed
Choose the Japanese bedroom furniture with simple geometric shapes. The smaller the space occupied by the The Japanese style platform bed, they are more functional than the more compliance minimalist style . After all, Japanese style bedroom design is nothing like the direct embodiment of this style.

20 Decorative 3D wall art panels and stickers | 3D wall decor

There are many options of 3D wall decor: 3D decorative wall panels, wallart 3D wall panels, 3D wall art panels and wall paneling ideas , 3D wall art stickers, removable vinyl wall art stickers and self adhesive wall stickers

The trend in the interior design goes in recent years towards greater comfort and sense of reality, especially in textures. Modern wall design works anywhere in the apartment with amazing 3D wall panels. 3D wall decor and art is the trend of the home interior wall decoration, 3D wall art panels

3D wall panels

Their are many variations in the structure, surface, pattern and material of 3D wall art decor and 3D decorative wall panels which allow a creative and individual wall decoration that enlivens the room immediately. In the search for creative solutions for interior design we bring the following 3D wall decor ideas, 3D decorative wall panel designs that gives your interior design walls a touch of art carefully.

Decorative 3D wall panels wallart 3D wall art panels

Best interior Design companies and interior Designers in Dubai

A list of the best experienced interior design companies in Dubai and interior Designers in UAE, with a few details about each interior design company and some of their work

Interior design basically means designing your house to make it look nice. Interior designers are very easy to get and you can choose any expert designer to design your home. Each year new interior design trends emerge. Interior design companies in Dubai give a whole new aspect of your current home.

Interior Design Companies In Dubai 

interior design companies in Dubai, interior design Dubai
Luxury interior from Private water villa at Al Barari

Full catalog of vinyl flooring options for kitchen and bathroom

In this article we focus on one of the cheapest creative flooring ideas and flooring options in the market, vinyl flooring tiles for kitchen, bathroom and living room, and how to install the vinyl flooring uk

Vinyl flooring tile is a solid floor, which consists of several layers. Its primary layer - stabilizing the vinyl, which can be applied to the decor. Thereafter, an ultraviolet protective layer is applied, which is fixed on top of as a transparent layer with a protective function. With this structure,the vinyl flooring UK has a high level of strength and durability. Therefore, this tile is ideal for any room interior design - in fact it is not only beautiful, but is not erased from contact with the shoes.

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Full catalog of 3D flooring and 3D bathroom floor murals
How to install penny floor tile , amazing flooring ideas

kitchen flooring - cheap flooring tiles

After all, the vinyl floor tile is strong enough, and hence, vinyl flooring load capacity reached the 10 million steps. Despite this substantial workload, vinyl tiles are not pale and blurred. UV protective layer ensures that the pattern on the tile surface, despite exposure to sunlight. In addition, it creates the effect 3D flooring on the tile surface. and there are great 3D floor options to suit any room interior design

The advantages of Vinyl flooring UK

As I mentioned above, this type of flooring options has a high resistance to wear, and therefore is able to withstand various loads. In addition, this non-slip cover makes you not afraid of contact with water and household cleaning products. Vinyl floors tiles provide a high level of sound - and heat insulation.

flooring ideas
patterned cheap vinyl flooring UK for kitchen

24 Modern POP ceiling designs and wall POP design ideas

Our latest catalogue of POP design for false ceiling and wall,  and photo gallery for POP ceiling designs and POP wall design 2015 for bedroom, living room, kitchen and other rooms, this catalog will inspire you in choosing your false ceiling designs and the suitable wall POP designs for your home rooms.

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Modern POP ceiling designs and wall POP design ideas
Modern POP ceiling designs and wall POP design ideas

We recently shared: Gypsum board design catalogue for wall and ceiling

POP ceiling designs for false ceiling

If you make a new apartment interior design, or renovate your home, the POP ceiling designs will transform the interior design of any room in which you will install, the pop design for ceiling is an essential element in any interior design style. 
It enables you to hide the connection cables of the sound system and other purposes, the POP designs for ceiling also helps to make a creative and effective decorative lighting system which spreed the light into each part of the room. 

See the video of latest POP designs for ceiling and wall

When we come to the ceiling design color, we have two options to give the ceiling the color we want, the first is to paint the POP designs of the ceiling directly with the selected color, the second option is to install RGB colored ceiling LED lights with the chosen color. We recently shared a post explaining How to install LED light strips on a false ceiling, and it became on of the most popular posts in our website.
Another thing to take into account when choosing the suitable POP ceiling designs for your home, It's that to choose the POP designs that suit the interior style of the certain room, if It's classic so you should choose a POP design for ceiling with decorative parts in the golden color, and the lighting should be a classic crystal chandelier with white light, this POP ceiling design will give your room a touch of luxury and and harmony of all elements of the room, If your room has a modern interior design, so you should choose a ceiling POP design with clear lined and modern colors like purple, orange, turquoise, gray, black, red or white, or a combination of two or three colors, The lighting in this POP false ceiling should be hidden lights in the same color range of the ceiling colors.
Here are some creative designs for POP false ceiling to inspire you and help you to choose your suitable ceiling POP design

ceiling designs

Latest Modern dressing table designs for contemporary bedroom

Browse our article and gallery of latest modern dressing table designs ideas and options: How to choose the modern dressing tables?, modern dressing table designs, modern dressing table with mirror, contemporary dressing table, makeup dressing table designs for bedroom. small dressing table designs, modern white dressing table

For a long time dressing tables are an integral part of any woman's bedroom. In ancient times dressing table designs were used not only for preening, but also for washing.
Today, modern dressing table with mirror is a favorite place for women where she can apply her makeup, do hair and styling, to take care of here beauty.

black modern dressing table designs for minimalist bedroom
black modern dressing table designs for minimalist bedroom

Modern dressing table mirrors and materials

Modern dressing tables are a very practical piece of furniture, which, moreover, serves as an excellent decoration of the bedroom. Its elegant appearance makes the room a luxurious boudoir, where you can store cosmetic procedures.

Luxury wedding fish bowl decorations ideas with flowers

Wedding fish bowels of flowers are a common table decoration for weddings, see our tips and gallery for glass fish bowl decorations ideas for inspiration
Small fish bowls offer a unique way to personalize your wedding rehearsal dinner or wedding table decoration. You can use decorative fish bowl as central to hold decorations and accessories, such as fresh flowers, rose petals or other flower decorations. Creating an ideal central flower fish bowl decorations for weddings are an inexpensive and simple process that provides spectacular results that you and your guests can enjoy.

web directory

Fish bowl decorations ideas, wedding fish bowls decoration

creative wedding fish bowls, fish bowl decorations ideas
creative wedding fish bowl decorations with colored lights

Modern TV units: 20 designs and choosing tips

modern TV wall units designs for any living room

Despite the fact that we spend a lot of free time on the computer, television continues to be mandatory appliances for every home. so we have to think about the TV units or stands, usually we refer to it as a cabinet. Even if it is flat and hanged on the wall, because it is necessary somewhere to put DVD, game console, media center, magazines, remote controls, etc.

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modern TV units were  completely hanged on wall

25 Elegant French country curtains designs for door and window

In this article we discuss every thing related to French style curtains: French country curtains, French door curtains, French window curtains, French lace curtains and French blinds

If you want to feel like a real king or queen, living in an apartment or house, The  luxury French curtains that transform any interior to the rich royal apartments.
French country curtains are a rectangular piece of cloth, divided into vertical sections (scallops) and collected a lot of semi-circular folds using ribbon or string between festoons. In contrast to the Austrian blinds , pleated curtains fill the entire length. Stylish Living room curtains designs
French curtains designs took their origin from the ancient French castles of the 18th century, where everything was full pomp and splendor. Especially liked the curtains 

Modern french curtains designs, Beige window curtains
Modern french curtains designs, Beige window curtains
In the XVII century, during the reign of King Louis XIV , French style curtains sewing is rapidly caught on and has not lost relevance to the present. Ever since Louis French door curtains and french window curtains fill the room atmosphere of the festival, celebration and convey the spirit of the time. Almost all expensive restaurants, theaters, concert halls and luxurious banquet, wedding palaces, palaces of culture and respectable offices of many government agencies can observe white tulle, with cleverly laid a hand wizard folds. they are the french curtains designs

Features of French country curtains

Latest gypsum board design catalogue for false ceiling designs 2015

The best gypsum board design catalogue of 2015, gypsum board false ceiling designs for living room, bedroom and kitchen, modern suspended gypsum board ceiling designs ideas and false ceiling lights, latest gypsum board designs for ceiling with photos 

Multilevel false gypsum board ceiling designs are very popular all over the world in the modern interior. Gypsum board false ceiling designs are able to make the interior space more comfortable and get rid of its monotony.
Gypsum board ceiling design - it is one of the most affordable opportunity to highlight the design of the room, to improve its sound insulation and just perfect smooth the surface. A variety of geometric gypsum board design catalogue, the original color schemes, amazing light built in gypsum board designs - all this can transform the interior of the apartment and impress.
gypsum board designs for ceiling are a great option for the kitchen , which is hanged in the middle of the kitchen island, and painted with a contrasting color, for example, the background is white and the suspended gypsum board ceiling design is green, red or ocher. We show you our gypsum board design catalogue and gypsum false ceiling designs photos.

gypsum board false ceiling designs for living room, bedroom

gypsum board ceiling design, false ceiling designs living room
gypsum board ceiling design catalogue - false ceiling designs living room
Due to the different colors of gypsum board false ceiling designs you can enrich the design even a small bedroom. The middle of the gypsum board designs for ceiling can be painted with bedroom luxurious warm colors, such as burgundy or ocher, are symmetrical transition lines on the wall. gypsum board false ceiling design ideas
If the bright monochrome painting of the modern gypsum board false ceiling design will seem dull and uninteresting, it is worth trying to portray some plot, such as the blue sky with white clouds and sun with golden rays. In any case, There are no limitations to your imagination in the design of the gypsum board false ceiling.

Modern gypsum board design catalogue for room partition walls

Don't miss our article of gypsum board design catalogue 2015, gypsum board partition wall designs, how to build a partition wall?, partition wall design ideas, room partition wall designs, gypsum room divider ideas, gypsum board wall designs 

gypsum board design wall was recently used widely in residential construction. Erection of the gypsum board partition wall does not take much time, but requires not one hand, a bit of building skills and desirable to have a good building tool. In today's article we will inspire you for how to build a partition wall? 

Decorative gypsum board partition wall design, gypsum board designs

gypsum board design catalogue partition wall, false ceiling designs
modern gypsum board design catalogue partition and false ceiling designs

30 Modern dressing table designs for bedroom: ideas, mirrors, lighting

In this article we talking about the dressing table and showing a collection of dressing table ideas that suit all tastes, we also give some tips for the modern dressing table designs, boxes, dressing table mirrors and wooden dressing table design lighting for bedroom, modern wooden dressing table designs for bedroom ideas, dressing table mirrors

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                                            Dressing table design styles, size and decoration

in this article we talking about the dressing table and showing a collection of dressing table ideas that suit all tastes, we also give some tips fr the dressing table boxes, dressing table mirrors and dressing table lighting

wooden modern dressing table designs ideas for bedroom

modern wooden dressing table designs for bedroom ideas, dressing table mirrors
modern wooden dressing table designs for bedroom ideas, dressing table mirrors
 modern wooden dressing table designs for bedroom ideas, dressing table mirrors
 Men, I'm sorry, but today's article will be a series of "between us girls" :) It will focus on a very important element, which is for girls / women at any age is simply irreplaceable. I'm talking about the dressing table ideas. This personal part, divine place where kept our secret weapon, allowing turn into beautiful goddess) Here we spend a lot of time taking care of your face, Brushing her hair, preening, so it is very important that this piece of furniture (dressing table ideas) was not only a beautiful interior ornament, but also for us is comfortable and functional place for beauty. 

25 latest false ceiling designs and POP design catalogue 2015

Do you think to install a false ceiling pop design? see our photo gallery of POP false ceiling designs ideas and suspended ceiling lights built in pop designs for living room, bedroom, dining room, hall, kitchen- decorative LED lights for false ceiling designs, best ceiling design ideas 2015, false ceiling images pop false ceiling design catalog

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In this article, we'll explain what's the modern POP false ceiling designs and show you 22 beautiful POP designs that will inspire you to opt for this decorative choice in your modern interior design. the false ceiling structure is hanged below the main ceiling. the modern false ceilings made ​​of lightweight materials attached to a metal structure. In general, plasterboard and POP designs. This type of false ceiling designs help to hide surface imperfections and hide the cables and air conditioning system, for example. The false ceiling pop design plays an aesthetic role, it is insulation.

 false ceiling
modern POP false ceiling designs - LED ceiling lights for living room
An advantage suspended ceiling pop designs, it is its role in the volume change in a given room to make it more harmonious. the POP false ceiling design contributes to the decor of our home with different types of finishes that are possible for the modern interior design. The two types of false ceiling designs materials we know, these are the false suspended ceiling and stretch ceiling. The first clings to a light metal frame and the false stretch ceiling is constituted by a canvas - velum, which is to be stretched between the walls. The second type of modern false ceiling designs for living room variant requires a very delicate implementation. The stretch ceiling is very aesthetic and is perfect for contemporary interiors.

latest modern POP false ceiling designs catalogue, ceiling pop design

In our gallery you will find great ideas that will inspire you to opt for the pop false ceiling designs for bedroom and the living room, this type of POP ceiling designs will make the atmosphere at home more modern and elegant and give it a personal touch. Hide imperfections at home with gypsum board false ceiling ideas - the innovative product that turns ordinary inside. 
The proper, modern false ceiling lights will highlight the false ceiling pop design. The LED spotlights and chandeliers are the most common variants in the bedroom , for example. Choose the design that best suits your home and you will see that the bedroom and the living room will totally bed transformed.

Stunning false ceiling led lights and wall lighting for living room 2015

LED lighting technology became a trend now. see our tips and designs for:  modern false ceiling led lights, false ceiling designs for living room, modern led lights for false ceiling, lighting ideas for living room walls, modern wall lighting ideas, modern living room ceiling lights, suspended ceiling lights

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The living room and dining room are the most important rooms in your home. So you should install a flawless lighting to create a space full of comforts to spend time with family, or with your friends, relax, read a book or watch a movie online. Here some false ceiling designs for living room which will help you.

Modern false ceiling led lights and suspended ceiling lights 2015

modern false ceiling led lights,suspended ceiling lights
modern false ceiling led lights: living room built in ceiling lighting

Trends of modern lighting design ideas (ceiling - wall) 2015

The 2015 trends in the field of lighting, see our tips and designs for  interior lighting design ideas, modern bedroom lighting ideas, LED false ceiling lights, LED wall lights, wall shelves with lights, suspended ceiling lights for living rooms, modern floor lamps, modern table lamps

The subjective perception of space is a function of the light contrast - an interaction between the illuminated surfaces and dark surfaces. Uniform lighting design affects negatively on the emotional perception and that is why the modern living room lighting ideas are so important. If we allowed the norms and standards of lighting guide, it can easily create a sterile and boring atmosphere. And if you decorated with scattered light, it reduces contrast and shadows and result in a poor definition of volume and poor perception of textures and details. The use of luxurious materials in the interior will have no meaning if we do not use the interior lighting design ideas that will accentuate them.

Textures and interesting objects are to be accentuated with special lighting, while the rest should be left in the dark. Modern living room lighting ideas and false ceiling LED lights create a hierarchy between the accented textures and volumes and bottom and differentiates plans. Interior lighting design ideas are the most important factors in the interior design. It helps us to orient ourselves in different functional spaces.

Interior lighting design ideas - Inspiring ideas

interior lighting design ideas, lounge with original ceiling and lighting

Latest modern LED lights for false ceilings and walls

Cool ideas for, false ceiling LED lights and modern LED wall light fixtures in modern interior style for all rooms (living room, bedroom, kitchen, hall and dining room), modern LED lighting ideas and options, see our article of where and how to install LED strip lights and the article of Installing multicolored RGB LED strip lights

Decorating the interior of a new house or renovate the old existing, is a creative process. This is a difficult task that requires a lot of work. But if you have the necessary tools, the interior design can also be a very enjoyable and even fun project. The modern lighting ideas in your home is an often neglected but is very important that you feel at home. As for the rest, the possibilities are varied as regards the lighting change. In this article, we offer interior LED light fixtures and lighting ideas ideas with 30 designs modern false LED ceiling lights and LED wall lighting fixtures so fashionable in the recent years.

In this article you will find inspiring designs for  interior LED lights, modern false ceiling LED lights, modern LED ceiling lights for bedroom, living room LED ceiling lighting, LED wall light fixtures, bedroom wall lighting ideas, LED ceiling light fixtures

If you want to improve your interior decor without spending a fortune, you must use the interior LED lights. Besides being beautiful, this type of modern lighting is also very environmentally friendly. LED lights are the latest technological innovation that evolves as time. LED lamps are 300% more efficient than CFLs and 1000% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. LED ceiling lights are also much more durable than other types of lamps.

The interior LED lights ideas and LED ceiling light fixtures

Living room LED ceiling lighting as decoration
interior LED lights,modern false ceiling LED lights
interior LED lights: futuristic furniture with LED lights

Exclusive LED ceiling lights and light fixture for modern interior

How to install LED ceiling light fixtures and wall lighting in the modern interior design? cool ideas for false ceiling LED lights, decorative LED wall lighting and colored LED light fixtures
Modern LED ceiling lights are not only a technological invention, they are also in the process of entering the world of design inside the house. LED wall lights and ceiling LED spots are particularly fashionable and not just in the kitchen. The designers make a decorative element and work on moods and color changes. In today's article we will show some LED ceiling lighting ideas.
Like everything else, the LED ceiling light fixtures can be contemporary, futuristic, original or classic. Colored or changing, the light created the atmosphere you desire. Bulbs, spotlights, integrated systems, you can put anywhere: in the living room , the bedroom or the bathroom . In addition, they are no longer limited to pale and weak tones, LED technology now offers more or less warm tones, tending to blue or toward yellow. Prices have fallen drastically which making them a real ecological and economic alternative. Check out our selection of Modern LED ceiling lights photos that bring the art scene of LED ceiling lighting.

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Modern LED ceiling light fixtures and colored LED wall lighting

bedroom LED light fixtures,Modern LED ceiling lights,LED ceiling lighting ideas
Modern LED ceiling lights: bedroom with built-in LED ceiling system