bedroom design ideas : romance of chocolate

in this article we combined a collection of romance bedroom ideas , we focus on bedroom paint colors ideas, we also present to you a collection of bedroom designs that show the ideas we talk about, we hope that you give us a feedback
romance bedroom design ideas
furniture for romance bedroom designs
Today bedroom design ideas,  we chose a project of designer Natalia Nellis for the program "Housing Problem" - a romantic Parisian-style for the couple that swept feelings for each other through the years.
romance bedroom design ideas
paint colors ideas for romance bedroom designs
romance bedroom design ideas: when the author of the project saw the apartment the couple that did not reflect the loving relationship between the couple and all of their personality, Natalia has set for itself two tasks:
- Bring romance into the bedroom atmosphere and express strength of feeling in the interior of the pair0
 -Give the space a strong personality that would pave the way for subsequent changes in the apartment.
bedroom design ideas in romance style

bedroom design ideas, romance of chocolate
The main idea of ​​the project was the romance, but with a strong personality, mixing tenderness and restraint, femininity and masculinity.
romance bedroom design ideas

bedroom design ideas, romance of chocolate

bedroom design ideas, romance of chocolate
romance bedroom design ideas :all that the author wanted to reflect through textures, shapes of furniture and tissue structure.
Sensuality: textures and fabrics, combinations of materials, tactile and visually pleasing.
Color: rich chocolate, milk, black. expressivity: a combination of incongruous, soft lines and crisp strips of molding, smooth medallions.
Graphic quality: strong lines of furniture fronts.
Elegance: the combination of textures noble fabrics (velvet, linen, satin), mirrors and moldings.
romance bedroom colors ideas

romance bedroom design ideas
 Natalia was very lucky. The room was originally in the correct form, which does not require any adjustment.
Several decorative techniques visually make the space is larger, most importantly, visually 
romance bedroom design ideas
increase the height of the ceilings.
Natalya used the game of volumes and textures that creates the effect of increasing the space .
Vertical lines and classic strips graphically increased the upward direction, thereby also increasing the height of the ceilings. 
romance bedroom design ideas