shelves installation, an art can't be disregarded

before beginning in shelves installation on your wall you must reed this post carefully, after reading this post you will be able to make this process as a professional, and you will know important information about color balance, shelves dimensions, shelves materials and shelves objects choosing.

shelves installation is an art, not simulation!

shelves installation with a touch of beauty , shelves installed as a tree
goodbye to random, and it's time to follow Ways were studied and taken from schools of decoration for how to achieve balance and harmony required when installing shelves on the wall

shelves dimensions
installation of shelves in a corner with perfect dimensions 

before beginning to install shelves on the wall, you first need to determine different distances between each rack and his counterpart at both the horizontal and vertical, with an attempt to imagine that  the dimensions that have been selected will be appropriate to arranging objects on the shelves?
the common mistake when housewife installs shelves on the wall , is that she doesn't imagine the final form of the shelves after installation, and then find that she left a small distance between each rack and the other , that making objects l can't be accommodated on the shelves, or shelves are crammed by objects.

different sizes of shelves
installation of shelves with different sizes

during shelves installation, when you install a shelf longer than its counterpart horizontally, to make the the longer shelf in the bottom  of the short shelf, in that case you should achieve a balance in the final image, by placing a object at the end of the long shelf to take a long shape, such as an elegant image frame. to make the edge of the frame in the same level with the upper shelf.

small shelves installation and similar objects

 if the shelves that you want t install have small dimensions, and you would like to fill them by a large  objects -similar in size and shape- ,to avoid repetition, put each objects similar in reverse
To avoid stereotyping, you can add a different piece in a shelf, such as a dish of Crystal.

shelves and objective colors balance
color balance in shelves installation

An easy way to achieve the visual balance between two shelves installed on the wall, is to put two objects with the same color on the two shelves,  For example, you can fold orange towels  and arrange them on the two shelves , put two towels in the top shelf and two on the bottom shelf.
make a color balance by installation of shelves with the same color

length of the objects on the shelves
color and length balance in the shelves objects

Even if the objects you want to arrange them on shelves are not important or valuable,  you should  coordinate them with the other to get an elegant full view of decor in the end.
Hence, you must first choose objects according to their lengths, to arrange all the pieces with the equal length together on the same shelf, to be short and medium lengths arranged in the same manner.

free shelves
shelves installation with free spaces without objects

from the methods that used to ease eyes during arranging different objects on the shelves, leaving spaces are completely free without any objects
streamlined shelves with a free racks 
That idea is more convenient  if you have shelves take the engineered nested form like multiple overlapping boxes, in this case you have to arrange the objects you have and leave some free boxes without any object.
nested shelves installation with free boxes

glass shelves installation
using glass shelves in completing wall decoration

Give a touch of beauty to your shelves, by installing a number of glass shelves, they complete the decor and they are perfectly suitable to put some small frames on them.