5 modern living room lighting ideas

If you are tired of the classic chandelier in the center of the living room and you want to bring interesting something in its interior, then this post is for you. Today we will examine some of the living room lighting ideas, living room ceiling lights, living room table lamps, wall lighting, ceiling chandeliers and suspended lighting ideas
We have already talked in detail about the lighting for the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Let's talk about the living room lighting ideas. This is not an easy topic, as it might seem at first glance. we want more beauty, and compliance with a sense of style and ability to vary the degree of illumination on their own (which, incidentally, is also excellent saves energy).
That is why this collection is created with recommendations for proper lighting ideas. It is divided into 2 parts - 45 photo ideas in the first part (in her talk about all the options for living room light) and 25 photo ideas - the second (it - about decorative lighting).
modern living room lighting ideas

living room lighting ideas:  types of living room lights

So, in the beginning that you may already know. All the light sources are divided into three groups:
general lighting (for a relatively uniform lighting throughout the room)
local functional lighting (for sufficient lighting of separate parts)
local decorative lighting (as a rule - essentially a local, but not so much used for brightness, but for beauty).
General lighting for the living room is usually created using the ceiling chandeliers sufficient power or spotlights. Or - combining both options - chandelier - in the center and spotlights on the perimeter (possibly in the second level of the ceiling)
Local functional living room lighting ideas - this wall sconces (in all its variations, including lighting for paintings), table and floor lamps (low floor lamps - rather, decorative light, because the brightness of them at least).
All of the above options will help you to create a multivariate living room lighting that will be comfortable and beautiful at the same time. And that is very important, quite economical - because you will include precisely those areas that you need. And, of course, the play of light and shadow - one of the most effective techniques in interior design. Try it and see for yourself!

living room ceiling lights

living room ceiling lights ideas

living room lighting ideas, ceiling lights

living room ceiling lighting ideas
today's living room lighting ideas: the living room ceiling lights, the days when the geometric center of the living room sported a "chandelier" are gone. This does not mean that the geometry or chandeliers have been ignoring, but now the the living room ceiling lights fit quite differently:
living room ceiling lights look very impressive combination of different types of fixtures: chandeliers and point, chandeliers;
permitting height - multilevel ceiling to create beautiful and fit into them various options fixtures and ceilings and the room as a whole will benefit from this;
glossy ceiling designs can achieve the effect of "reflected light", which automatically increases the height and beauty;
no less interesting to look partly coffered ceilings with integrated light source, and the outside is closed frosted or stained glass plates

living room lighting ideas: fashionable chandeliers

Selection of beautiful ceiling chandelier now unusually wide. Well, except for ethnic interiors will look for them a little longer.
living room ceiling chandeliers lights

living room lighting ideas, ceiling chandeliers

living room lighting ideas: busbars

living room lighting ideas, busbars

living room lighting ideas, busbar lights
busbars occupy a special place in living room lighting ideas . They - great for lovers of minimalism, hi-tech and simple functionalism. Also allow you to create a "through" light source in a small studio apartment. There are models that are partially attached to the ceiling, and partly - on the wall. Some items may fall down, which is convenient, for example, they can be used instead of the local light (for reading or on a coffee table).

suspended living room lighting ideas

suspended living room ceiling lights ideas for small living rooms
If you are enthusiastic about pendant cords and want to enjoy their rhythmic close, do not rush to the store immediately. You should first think about what they will cover. In the living room they have appropriate look on the coffee table or the bar if she's available.
suspended living room ceiling lighting ideas

living room lighting ideas: wall lights

living room lighting ideas, wall lighting, wall lamps

living room lighting ideas, wall lights, wall lamps
living room lighting ideas, wall lights, wall lamps
Walls can be lit in order to improve the lighting in some areas that are far from the center of the living room. And you can add decorative accents 
lighting of paintings and cabinets not only adds charm to the living room, but also convenience. The only thing: the light bulbs in them should be directed light.
If you want only decorative - choose light scattering lamps with narrow-angle . If it's important and additional illumination (eg, on the upper shelves of cupboards) - scattering angle of the lamps must be more.

table lamps

modern living room lighting ideas, table lamps

modern living room lighting ideas, table lamps
 Not too advantageous to look table lamp purchased or placed "accidentally". do not immediately determine the order for which you need it. Next to your favorite chair? Check the next outlet, table or shelf, as well as - if sufficient flow of light it gives you - what matters is its height, the type of lampshade and maximum power light bulb.
And a very different approach can be used "for beauty."
Impressive look symmetrically placed on the small table lamp stands (tables or shelves - around the couch).
Or as a decoration console table, dresser or fireplace. Here the main thing - its compatibility in style and color with the closest "neighbors" (texture and color of the horizontal surface on which it stands, wall color, fine decor, which is within the range of 30-50 cm from the lamp)

collection of living room lighting ideas

modern living room lighting ideas for small living rooms
And finally, do not forget that all living room lighting ideas are still in the same room. The smaller it is, - the less desirable "multi-style" design. many manufacturers have thought about it and produce great collection of different lighting options. If your soul still wants diversity, - try to choose a model from the same collection at least for those fixtures that are placed close to each other.
And still looks spectacular "creative symmetry": on the one hand (eg, sofa) - table lamp, and on the other - a floor lamp from the same collection
modern living room lighting ideas for small rooms, ceiling lights, table lamps