salt lamps in the interior - ideas, colors, designs, installation

Today we talk about a new phenomenon in the interior, it's salt lamps. It appeared in Europe and was used in the interiors of about 10 years ago., we will give you a detailed view of the salt lamps structure and process and will provide you with a collection of salt lamps designs and ideas in the interior

salt lamps installation

salt lamps colors ideas for the interior 
 Now salt lamps are available in free sale. salt lamps make the interior to look beautiful enough. It creates a relaxing atmosphere in the interior. It can be installed anywhere, but not near sources of high humidity. Salt lamp can't be installed in the bathrooms. salt lamps are dissolved in water, it absorb a lot of moisture, If it gets wet, turn it off for a few hours.
salt lamps installation in the interior

salt lamps structure

salt lamps structure
Salt lamps enriches the air ions. This lamp will make the air cleaner, will create the same atmosphere as in a salt mine. Under the light of a lamp protein structures of microbes die in the cleared the air.
Outside view of salt lamps is extraordinary. Cover is created from a single piece of rock salt. Also the composition has a sodium chloride, specific impurities. Inside this cover their is a small bulb that lights.

salt lamps color effects

salt lamps color effects

salt lamps ideas for the interior
Color of the salt may have some influence on the person. For example, red salt improve blood pressure, helps the heart, yellow improves pancreatic function, liver, orange lamp calms gallbladder, white relaxes, pink  brings the harmony in relationships, brown improve immunity.

salt lamps effects on your health

salt lamps effects on health
 heating salt lamps or candles will give the room negative ions. They soften the impact of electronic equipment. Salt in a heated state will absorb moisture from the air, when heated it will produce ions that have a curative influence, turn it on. Salt lamp operation is extremely simple, special care would be required.
salt lamps designs for the interior

salt lamps ideas for the interior

salt lamps ideas