top 10 creative indoor flower pots with additional functions

in this post we combined to you the most creative indoor flower pots designs that have additional functions in the apartment.
Nowadays, the "living area" differs extended functionality - shower in the reeds, fresh parsley and basil from the school board, blooming trainer, cat house with grassy roof ... In this survey we collected a dozen designer indoor flower pots designs that are integrated into everyday objects.

top 10 creative indoor flower pots with additional functions

round dining table designs for kitchen

today we back to the kitchen, we talk about the round dining table designs specially for the small kitchen space, we provide you with a photo collection that please you and help you to perfectly choose your own table and chairs.
The kitchen has always been and will be the heart of any home. If you desired to optimize the dining area in the kitchen it worth paying attention to the round dining table. 
Round dining table - an ideal meeting place. Regardless of the size of the kitchen, it can be the best choice. This is where the family gathers each day to not just eat something tasty, but also to communicate in a close circle.
Square and rectangular tables require more space. In addition, due to the specific form of them can fit only a certain number of guests, and a round table can collect them anymore. 
For the same round table, depending on the arrangement of chairs or couches, you can vary the number of seats. A kitchen every time changes dramatically.

round dining table designs - photos for modern small kitchen

round dining table and chairs designs for small kitchen

small balcony design ideas - top 10 designs

today we take your attention to a forgotten part of your apartment, we combined a collection of small balcony design ideas, and photo collection of balcony designs will please you.

Balcony design ideas 

you can arrange so comfortable and beautiful a small balcony design and a terrace, you do not want to go away from here and into the room. Simply plant flowering or ornamental deciduous plants, build a comfortable place to sit and come up with some interesting decorative elements.

balcony lighting, balcony design ideas

large indoor plants ideas, make a green corner

today we are talking about the large indoor plants, and how to place the large plants in the interior of your room, we also provide you with picture that explain these ideas.

Large indoor plants take the guests attention

Not so long just to hold anyone's attention when it comes to interior design, large indoor plants are used if you wish to focus on the beauty of natural elements used by designers. In this case we are talking about single plants, which are much easier to enter into any interior.

star shaped clothing rack for drying clothes

today we present to you a great solution for your small apartment, a fold-able creative clothing rack for the drying work, and some photos explain its use.

clothing rack, creative clothing racks

star-shaped clothing rack for clothes drying
Designer Aaron Dunkerton presented a foldable clothing rack for drying clothes, Star-Shaped . This compact design assembled expands and takes the form of twelve-pointed star.
According to the designer, his creative form of the clothing rack allows the best way to circulate air around the clothes, thus putting a lot of things on a relatively small area of ​​the home.
Folding "dryer" in almost every house. It would seem that innovation in this matter can not be. Star-shaped but really opens up new practical and aesthetic possibilities of this functional everyday objects.
this clothes rack was made ​​of unpainted plywood and aluminum rails, light weight which provides her easy moving and installation. 

Acoustic wall panels in the form of Japanese ginkgo leaves

great ideas and designs for the wall panels, acoustic wall panels in the style of Japanese ginkgo leaves in  different colors

acoustic wall panels ideas and colors in Japanese style

Desire to improve the sound insulation in the room, and at the same time encourages people to insulate the wall. Company Stone Designs has developed a stylish sound absorption system consisting of separate panels in the form of Japanese ginkgo leaves, which can be assembled as a mosaic.
Ginkgo system - it really is an attractive sound-absorbing solution that combines Japanese tradition with modern European aesthetics. Simple, distinctive ornament brings to the interior natural touch, and there is a large number of available colors of polyester wall panels to adapt the "pattern" to any interior.
A simple color change even in the same interior provides an opportunity not only making repairs, it change the overall mood and significantly improve the impression of the room. Also that it's not just decorative solution, it's a great opportunity to echo and noise reduction.
Yes, this project once again confirms how the European designers are affected by the eastern culture. For example, we recently wrote about the American shipbuilders who built the cabin in the woods , building on the ideas of traditional Japanese architecture.

decorative acoustic wall panels ginkgo leaves style
decorative acoustic wall panels ginkgo leaves style

ceiling wallpaper ideas, designs and installation tips

Among a variety of ceiling coverings, ceiling wallpaper still occupy a leading position in the repair of premises. This option don't require too finance costs, in addition, perfect pasting works make a decent look of the room. We offer you a glimpse of coatings for ceiling and see how to choose the best wallpaper option.
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Before answering the question of which wallpaper to choose for the ceiling, let us recall training base before gluing. Ceiling - it is a part of the overall room that stands out from the whole space. Moreover, ceiling lights reflected on the ceiling, involuntarily highlights it, which in turn emphasizes all the bumps and roughness of ill-prepared base. Therefore, the preparatory work should be treated with great care and make the ceiling  smooth.

decorative ceiling wallpaper ideas and patterns for small bedroom

handmade decorative pillows - 20 designs

Textiles in the interior is one of my favorite topics, and today at we want to show a collection of photos of handmade decorative pillows, we think they will please you and inspire your creativity.

decorative pillows change the interior

decorative pillows are perfect tool to add to the interior rooms of bright colors and moods. Fabric texture also plays a role. Take, for example, blue bedroom - fill it with light and filled with fresh sea breeze, you can use cotton and linen pillows in  yellow, green and gray shades. If you would like to make this interior more intense and expressive, remove these pillows and replace them put something deep blue-violet tones of heavy velvet materials. It's amazing, how such a simple decor element can change the perception of the interior bedroom, living room, children's room.

funny handmade decorative pillows for kids room

Modern kitchen curtains ideas from South Korea

A great photo collection of modern kitchen curtain ideas, and amazing designs for curtains ever seen before
Today in Decor zoom I want to share with you pictures of modern kitchen curtains designs ideas, found at the site of one of the South Korean store. I think our followers are interested in fresh decor ideas - such fine curtains and Russian kitchens, especially oriental design elements replaced by something more familiar.
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tips for kitchen curtains ideas, kitchen window curtains

Small kitchen designs require a lot of light, so the most suitable option for them will become transparent curtains. Rarely anyone there is a need tightly hide the kitchen window, except if it is not exposed to direct sunlight. So basically we use it for decorations, when the curtain slightly overlaps the access of light. Most often found in our kitchens are two types of curtains: lifting (Roman or Austrian) and short sliding. It would seem that the choice for owners of small, but if you have an imagination, find good fabrics and add elements of decor, you can create very beautiful window curtains that make the kitchen elegant and will please owners every day, charging a good mood. My today's gallery of kitchen curtains ideas is just one of those beauties, I wish all the more interesting findings and ideas for inspiration!
The good news is that everything that has already been shown in this website up till now, is only a small part of my archive of photos of interiors, curtains and textiles, which I plan to share with our readers in the future, accompanying them with advice and recommendations on design and decor . Subscribe to updates, to be able to get all the fun first hand.
As a bonus for those who first came to my site via a link on the curtains, and, of course, for my regular readers, I'm posting here a few photos from my collection of South Korean window curtains suitable for kitchen design. 
Light and airy, designed specifically for small spaces, these curtains will be a great decorative ornament apartments, will give your kitchen curtains the warmth and coziness. Especially if you sew them yourself with your own hands!
I hope you enjoy this brief photo selection of decorative kitchen curtain ideas. As you can see, they are quite easy to make your own hands - the idea of ​​draping and decorations are pretty simple, important to choose the right fabrics and combine them in color and texture. I wish all the creative mood and success in creating your beautiful and unique curtains!

modern kitchen curtains
modern window curtains ideas for small kitchen

wall decor ideas for the master bedroom

today's article focus on the walls of the master bedroom, we present to you some functional ideas for the master bedroom wall decor combined with a photo collection
Your master bedroom is the space you use to relax and unwind  after  a long day, so it has to be relaxing and peaceful . To feel more comfortable, it is important to create a space that reflects who you are, with favorite pieces you collected over time, mixed with other modern and your favorite style . Need some inspiration? Try these ideas.
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Vinyl wall stickers for master bedroom

If you rent or lease your apartment ,  vinyl wall stickers is the best choice because it does not need to put nails or damage the wall in any way. For the master bedroom, consider putting a vinyl with the initials of your name and your partner. And if you're single, put those in your full name. You can find hundreds of different types of vinyl, with different fonts and different colors. But before pasting, be sure to verify that left no glue marks. Even if you own, this glue can make complicated painting later .

vinyl wall stickers for master bedroom wall decor
vinyl wall stickers for master bedroom wall decor

girls bedroom designs in a little princess style

today's article focus on the girls bedroom interior designs and styles, specially the girl bedroom design ideas in the style of a little princess (Cinderella) combined with a photo collection explaining these ideas.

colors of the girls bedroom designs in a little princess style

Today in our site we continue the series of the girls bedroom designs and talk about how to turn a girl's bedroom design into a bedroom of a little princess. the designs we combined today are for girls bedroom in pink colors, don't surprise, so many parents, in an effort to move away from stereotypes, trying to find new solutions and fresh ideas for their kids. It is a natural desire to do something special for them, but do not forget that not all colors are suitable for girls bedroom from a practical point of view, and its psychological impact on the growing organism. Pink color - calm and feminine, delicate as rose petals, perfect for a little princess room. In addition, it refers to the warm colors, which means that it's easier to create a comfortable interior. pink color for the girls bedroom isn't too beautiful, it can be diluted with white or combined with other colors: yellow, green, lilac, blue.

girls bedroom designs in the style of a little princess
girls bedroom designs in the style of a little princess

top 10 cool bed designs

today we will daze you :) . we combined a collection consists of 10 bed designs, they are unusual beds and they are the top in the world for the previous year.
Sometimes amazed how diverse is the fantasy of the designer. After all, the word "bed", most people think of the rectangular shape of wood or particle board on legs with back and veil. But among designers there is the quite crazy . Watch and marvel :)
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the most creative bed designs in the world

personal space - bed designs

. Personal space . This is not just a bed - this is your micro-cosmos. This effect is achieved due to the spherical disk, on which rests a bed.
cool bed designs
cool bed designs