baby nursery decorating ideas - furniture, walls and curtains

The baby nursery should convey a pleasant feeling, where there is calm and harmony among all the elements found in it as decoration. So then we provide you with some ideas for decorating your nursery .these nursery decorating ideas are for furniture, walls, curtains and the nursery stages changes

nursery accessories

Speaking of using your baby nursery at night, avoid having too many decorations. Especially at the floor. Not want to bump while you're asleep, right? Also with the passage of months your baby raise more toys, clothes and accessories, so it is important not to fill the room from the beginning, if you do not have to put everything. make shelves, drawers and floor space. As you begin to buy more things, you can use a decorative manner in covering the gaps.
nursery wallpaper, curtains, accessories, furniture, decorating ideas
nursery wallpaper, curtains, accessories, furniture, decorating ideas

boy or girl? nursery decorating ideas

Baby rooms tend to have a specific theme, whether cars, princesses or teddy bears. But this is not necessary, on the contrary, it can make the space is more difficult to redecorate as your baby grows. Instead you decide what style or atmosphere you want to achieve. For example, for girls you can create an elegant space, and use metallic accents , hot cakes, and a chandelier. For a boy, you can create a rustic look, and used vintage toys and wooden details. If you choose a style that has variety you can be changing as tastes and personality of your baby flourish.
girls nursery decor ideas, nursery wallpaper
girls nursery decor ideas, nursery wallpaper
boy nursery decorating ideas in space style
boy nursery decorating ideas in space style

nursery walls decorating ideas, nursery wallpaper

you can decorate the nursery walls with beautiful colored adhesive strips or children's characters.
another one of the nursery walls decorating ideas is to paint the walls of allusive tone or apply a wallpaper.
decorate some specific parts of the nursery with striped wall paper, or circles and defines the space game.
Design a beautiful Family Tree on the wall to make the nursery more interesting and encourage more decoration. While the baby will be small and will not enjoy the moment of
nursery wallpaper, family tree, nursery decor ideas
such a design, you can later explore with him or her.
Decorate the walls with wall stickers with depicting the theme chosen.
Paint a wall with a different color or apply wallpaper.
In a specific area, decorate part of the wall with a paint or wallpaper with stripes or polka dots, to delimit, for example, the space to play.
Create a wall of frames where you will put the pictures of the various stages of the baby.
creative nursery wallpaper, nursery decor ideas
creative nursery wallpaper, nursery decor ideas

nursery furniture, nursery decorating ideas

Always choose the baby furniture that are simple and are made ​​of wood.
it's preferred to choose the nursery furniture with a neutral tone and are decorated with lines or circles that match the rest of the baby nursery in terms of colors and designs.
For baby nursery curtains , bet is always the tissues that are not heavy and can allow light to be filtered. Use patterns to blend with the rest of the decor.
Place lamps on the wall at various points illuminate the full nursery, or, you can decide if you want to turn all the lights or just a few depending on the activity being performed, or if it's time to sleep.
nursery furniture, girls nursery decorating ideas
nursery furniture, girls nursery decorating ideas

nursery decorating ideas for the baby growth stages

The baby nursery will have several changes in the decor as the baby grows, the crib should be replaced by a bed and this will require adequate space to compute all changes.
Furthermore, you must purchase a larger closet, there is more fun playthings and a PC and a study corner.

nursery decorating ideas, nursery wallpaper
baby nursery decorating ideas, nursery wallpaper
0 to 2 years: in these early years it is necessary to maintain the harmony, because the place is basically used for sleeping. Therefore, all the furniture should be correct and dim lighting.
Within 2-6 years after finishing the first stage, only the space that used to sleep now will be a suitable place to play and relax. Paint the room in bright colors for a child with better mentally.
From 6 to 9 years: the room should be ideal for sleep, study and play.  light it properly and organizes all objects and furniture for better mobility.