ceiling wallpaper ideas, designs and installation tips

Among a variety of ceiling coverings, ceiling wallpaper still occupy a leading position in the repair of premises. This option don't require too finance costs, in addition, perfect pasting works make a decent look of the room. We offer you a glimpse of coatings for ceiling and see how to choose the best wallpaper option.
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Before answering the question of which wallpaper to choose for the ceiling, let us recall training base before gluing. Ceiling - it is a part of the overall room that stands out from the whole space. Moreover, ceiling lights reflected on the ceiling, involuntarily highlights it, which in turn emphasizes all the bumps and roughness of ill-prepared base. Therefore, the preparatory work should be treated with great care and make the ceiling  smooth.

decorative ceiling wallpaper ideas and patterns for small bedroom

non-woven wallpaper on ceiling 

So, let's move on to the most important question - which wallpaper glue on the ceiling?
One of the best options that are in great demand among the population - it's non-woven wallpaper for the ceiling . Due to the dense coating base is capable to hide minor flaws, which were formed in the alignment ceiling. But that's not all.

modern ceiling wallpaper patterns
These wallpapers are used as additional protection from cracking joints. Whatever you plastered ceiling, plasterboard wheel, sooner or later small cracks may appear at the joints. To avoid this,use the ceiling non-woven wallpaper .
If you choose wallpaper for painting the ceiling, then let your choice fall is non-woven wallpaper base, rather than on paper, as the paper quickly soak, moreover, as we saw earlier, fleece - it's quite dense substrate that hides minor flaws in the ceiling.
Paint-able wallpaper, glued to the ceiling, you can make any color, neatly fit them into a tight-knit interior. And if you choose a special washable paint, then you are not afraid of moisture and not only upsets the ceiling dust, but even a flood neighbors above. Of course. Such as "washable" cover would be a great option for rooms with high humidity : kitchens, bathrooms, hallways. Smooth base does not absorb moisture and odors, easy to clean and generally considered quite practical.
fiberglass will look perfect in these areas. They are perfectly smooth, and can be viewed with well structural texture. Such coverage is not afraid of water, does not burn, it does not appear under the fungus and its decorative properties make it possible to translate any design ideas, moreover fiberglass can also be repainted several times.

striped ceiling wallpaper for girls bedroom

vinyl wallpaper on ceiling

Continuing the theme of non-woven wallpaper, we can not ignore vinyl wallpaper on non-woven backing . Due to the existing base, they have all of the above properties of non-woven wallpaper, vinyl has excellent performance, despite their gorgeous appearance. Vinyl wallpaper on the ceiling can take any: smooth, textured, colored or painted. There are no limitations. Almost all vinyl wallpaper are washable, but it all depends on the thickness of the vinyl - stand alone only wet cleaning, while others can be fully wet.
 combine several types of wallpaper on the ceiling, and in the meantime, this method has a good capacity adjustment space. Take, for example, liquid wallpaper. Through the use of various colors decorative coating can recreate simulation multilevel ceilings - the perimeter at a distance of half a meter from the wall coated one color, and fill the rest of the space in a different color (contrast or complement the previous color - here as you like).

vinyl wallpaper on ceiling

ceiling wallpaper design ideas and color combinations

Also the division of the ceiling on alternating stripes of different colors or selection of functional areas is popular. For example, sleeping area can be distinguished niche in the headboard using vinyl wallpaper with a pattern and the same color "extend" the sleeping area on the ceiling. And the rest of the ceiling take another color.

ceiling wallpaper ideas and patterns for bedroom
we should mention that the glossy ceiling excellently scatters light and is well suited for dark rooms, which have not enough light. Wallpaper with texture can be painted in two colors - white base color to make and stand-out texture highlight blue tint (or vice versa). In this simple way we obtain a simulation of the sky at home. The high ceiling can be painted with gold or silver pattern. But wallpaper for low ceilings is better to take light colors.

silver wallpaper of ceiling of living room

Ceiling wallpaper installation tips

Let's learn how to install wallpaper on the ceiling if there are any features of this type of work? If you look, the technology of pasting ceiling wallpaper differs little from similar works on the walls. there are some nuances which should be mentioned. Non-woven wallpaper considered one of the easiest type to install, the adhesive is applied only on the ceiling and then glue a roll of wallpaper.
vinyl wallpaper, ceiling wallpaper installation tips
When installing ceiling vinyl wallpaper, adhesive composition is applied only on the web, you will need to withstand at least five minutes before gluing. These wallpapers are quite flexible, and despite the strength, when gluing vinyl wallpaper it can not be stretched. That's why trowel for leveling this wallpaper is not used, the course is only a soft cushion.