star shaped clothing rack for drying clothes

today we present to you a great solution for your small apartment, a fold-able creative clothing rack for the drying work, and some photos explain its use.

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star-shaped clothing rack for clothes drying
Designer Aaron Dunkerton presented a foldable clothing rack for drying clothes, Star-Shaped . This compact design assembled expands and takes the form of twelve-pointed star.
According to the designer, his creative form of the clothing rack allows the best way to circulate air around the clothes, thus putting a lot of things on a relatively small area of ​​the home.
Folding "dryer" in almost every house. It would seem that innovation in this matter can not be. Star-shaped but really opens up new practical and aesthetic possibilities of this functional everyday objects.
this clothes rack was made ​​of unpainted plywood and aluminum rails, light weight which provides her easy moving and installation. 
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