creative aquarium design in the form of an ice cube

one of the beautiful interior items is the aquarium. so, we offer a creative aquarium design that takes the form of an ice cube.

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creative aquarium design in the form of ice cube
Do not worry, these fish is alive. They had not been frozen. They swim in the water at room temperature. this aquarium was made in the form of ice cube.
We all love the comfort of the home and the warm atmosphere in the office. Fairly simple way to animate the space - an aquarium. Is not it? But often bulky devices take up a lot of storage space and require all sorts of efforts to care.

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Industrial designer Arthur Hin (Se Xin) solved this problem considerably. He created a small aquarium design, which will not only save space and power, but also decorate the interior. and add a touch of beauty for your room or office that please you and your guests
This aquarium is an illusion. Indeed, at first it seems that the fish are frozen in an ice block, which began to melt, but little inhabitants still held captive.

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But it is worth it once you look - and everything falls into place. Aquarium fish are extremely friendly and pleasant to the human eye. Besides, it takes guests attention. At least for a while. It is not a glass table aquarium , from which it is extremely difficult to tear eyes, especially when sitting behind it.