handmade decorative pillows - 20 designs

Textiles in the interior is one of my favorite topics, and today at decor-zone.net we want to show a collection of photos of handmade decorative pillows, we think they will please you and inspire your creativity.

decorative pillows change the interior

decorative pillows are perfect tool to add to the interior rooms of bright colors and moods. Fabric texture also plays a role. Take, for example, blue bedroom - fill it with light and filled with fresh sea breeze, you can use cotton and linen pillows in  yellow, green and gray shades. If you would like to make this interior more intense and expressive, remove these pillows and replace them put something deep blue-violet tones of heavy velvet materials. It's amazing, how such a simple decor element can change the perception of the interior bedroom, living room, children's room.

funny handmade decorative pillows for kids room

what the optimal numbed of pillows on the sofa and chair?

sofa pillows
sofa pillows
Take a look at this living room design. The color palette of decorative pillows sets the tone and mood of the interior. And yet, this room does not look habitable, more like a exhibition stand. To avoid this in your home, adhere to a simple rule - despite the fact that a lot of decorative pillows decorate the interior of the room, they clutter up our life. Sofas and chairs we buy in the first place, to sit on them, where do put all these pillows? And if you simply will throw them on the floor, this issue could lead to an embarrassing situation. Therefore, the optimal amount of decorative pillows for upholstered furniture is considered - up to four for a sofa and two as the maximum for chair.

sofa decorative pillows
And finally, just a few words about cutting decorative pillows. As you know the size of the cover, and the finished product is visually distinct. To get the pillow 50x50 cm, should be cut pillowcase, adding on each side 3 cm, ie 53h53 , we see it's suitable for this size. I hope this simple advice will help you avoid mistakes. Well,

photo collection of handmade pillows

 now I come to the photo gallery of pillows that you can sew your own hands.

simple pillows for a sofa
simple pillows for a sofa
handmade sofa pillows
handmade decorative pillows for a sofa
handmade decorative pillows for a sofa
decorative sofa pillows
decorative pillows for a sofa
beautiful handmade decorative pillows for a living room sofa