large indoor plants ideas, make a green corner

today we are talking about the large indoor plants, and how to place the large plants in the interior of your room, we also provide you with picture that explain these ideas.

Large indoor plants take the guests attention

Not so long just to hold anyone's attention when it comes to interior design, large indoor plants are used if you wish to focus on the beauty of natural elements used by designers. In this case we are talking about single plants, which are much easier to enter into any interior.

indoor plants have many advantages, select the ones that do not require special care. To give the room a festive atmosphere, enough only one indoor plant.

large indoor plants in the interior, green corner

indoor plants ideas

It should be remembered that large indoor plants require a lot of space, so they need to find the perfect place and the background, where they can fully demonstrate their beauty. 
walls can be decorated, natural style will serve as the perfect backdrop. This wallpaper can be neutral shades, the walls decorated with stone and bamboo fiber.

plants wallpaper
indoor plants in the interior

In addition, for large plants you need to pick the right light source. Firstly, it may serve as a window, but also it is an artificial need.

corner decoration
Green goes well with dark brown color, it just explains why most flower pots are brown. However, you should pay attention to the neutral colors - white, gray and beige.

window decoration
Many designers try to pay more attention to not only ceramic vases, but even glass and metal In modern horticulture, The main thing - do not make that.