functional ideas for using your recycled furniture

The furnishings are special elements in the interior decor, as they provide comfort, elegance and sophistication to the space. Although you often do not have the budget to buy new furniture, there are always new ideas to recycle old furniture . So today I propose some ideas for recycling old furniture and giving them new life and use. 

Used furniture in general are a valuable asset, because it not only works for years, but it can be adapted to other styles of decor using modern retro items for the home. In addition to that recycled furniture can not only reusable, but you can put them up for sale and make financial gain from your work hours. 

ideas to reuse the recycled furniture as outdoor furniture
ideas to reuse the recycled furniture as outdoor furniture

handmade decorated frames for wall decoration

Giving life to our home or refined air to a boring wall is not about to get in spending and buying expensive ornaments. With a few materials and some patience you can make decorated frames as you have to do today.

handmade decorative frames for decorating your walls
handmade decorated frames for decorating your walls

how to make decorative frames for decorating your walls

handmade colorful paintings for decorating your home

The home decoration is for many a task that involves many expenses and work. However, for other people to renew the home is an ideal home renovation in a fun and creative way, besides being extremely economic opportunity. One of the secrets is decorating with handmade paintings. So today we offer a fun and colorful concept . 

Handmade paintings with crayons 

Some people have more artistic skills than others, while some are able to decorate the home with pictures painted in oil, others prefer to decorate the walls of the room with posters or cheap imitations of great art. Instead, what we propose here is a fun and simple picture with crayons.

how to make handmade colorful paintings for home decorating

handmade paintings for decorating your walls

Interior decorating does not have to be expensive and much less complicated. Therefore I propose to do handmade paintings for your home walls and decorate it easily. and make your own designs in 6 steps.

handmade paintings for decorating your walls

modern kitchen decorating ideas and tips

Having a modern kitchen is the dream of many housewives. Even many kitchens awaken the deepest envy among friends. So that you're setting the trend, today we give you some ideas and tips for decorating modern kitchens .
The kitchen decor is very important to all who are part of the family, somehow all go there once a day, so there are thousands of styles of cuisines with which you can play, some more conventional kitchens and other which may be more contemporary. However, you can take the following tips for decorating modern kitchens and apply any cuisine.

modern kitchen decorating in bold paint colors

The colors awaken feelings in us. Vivid colors will awaken creativity, you need to be creative in the kitchen. What we recommend is that you put a bit of fun to decorate the kitchen with colors lime green, orange, or some other unusual.
Of course the colors can be accessories that are a great distance as limpiones, tops or cupboard storage jars. In every corner there may be a potential source of creativity, it's a matter of looking.

modern kitchen decorating ideas, white-pink-, kitchen lighting

most popular kitchen paint colors

Are you remodeling your kitchen or you want to give a new touch to the space? Whatever you're planning, changing the paint is perhaps the quickest, easiest and above all, inexpensive way to give a change to the area. Therefore, I propose to see the most 5 popular kitchen paint colors that can add appeal to space and make your kitchen more relaxed and comfortable. 
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small dining room lighting ideas

Sometimes lack of knowledge resign ourselves to certain things we could change, if you're wondering how to light small dining rooms , you will find the best answers to implement and change your image.
You may think that the bill will come to light, but do not think that you can just add panels and lamps to increase the light in your room, but we will tell you what type of artificial lighting you should use, there are other tricks you can implement and will serve to achieve your goal.
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modern dining room lighting ideas, lamps

creative main door decorating idea by Leandro Erlich

This cool shattering door decorating ideas is designed by Argentinean installation artist Leandro Erlich, a designer who lives and works in Paris, France 
the “Shattering Door” is a really unique furniture design project, that is on display at Luciana Brito, São Paulo, Brazil.
main door design ideas
creative main door decorating idea by Leandro Erlich

door decorating ideas with simple tricks

The doors are a part of the decor elements of any home, but sometimes we forget and rarely think about decorating or give them a renewed air. However, when a door is decorated, heavily embellished its appearance inside the home, providing a new look, and a better environment. So there are several tricks for door decorating ideas and we present them below.

Stickers - door decorating ideas

rainbow door stickers, door decorating ideas 

beautiful shelves decorating ideas for kids room

If your child has simple book shelves? So, with these few ideas to decorate a kids room book shelves you can transform and customize a nice library made ​​in His own image to help you take a liking to the books and keep her room tidy.

shelves decorating ideas for kids room

kids room bookshelves decorating ideas, batman

home decorating ideas for the spring arrival

Spring is one of the most beautiful and happy seasons of the year. If you want to decorate your house look according to the time ahead, you will need these decorating ideas to decorate the home for the arrival of spring.

spring decorating ideas

creative modern chair for living room and balcony

today we present to you one of the most creative ideas of the furniture, it's a modern chair for living room and balcony.

modern balcony chair, living room chair with design ideas

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Day by day we are getting used to see furniture that are not what they seem, or not clearly show its function, or that this offers considerable scope. The creativity of the designers never ceases to amaze , even before the saturation of such parts may come a time when almost nothing gets to amaze.
 this Is not what happens to the " Pages Chair "(the chair of pages), the Japanese study 6474 . It has a very attractive design , which is most likely inspired by the famous fairy tale The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen. As everyone will recall, that story was a girl sleeping in a bed with multiple mattresses under which she was hiding a pea, to show if his presence was noticed, who had royal blood.

modern handmade balcony chair whit creative design