door decorating ideas with simple tricks

The doors are a part of the decor elements of any home, but sometimes we forget and rarely think about decorating or give them a renewed air. However, when a door is decorated, heavily embellished its appearance inside the home, providing a new look, and a better environment. So there are several tricks for door decorating ideas and we present them below.

Stickers - door decorating ideas

rainbow door stickers, door decorating ideas 
The easiest, simplest and most affordable way to decorate a door is definitely the use of stickers. Simply paste some to create a new and original decoration. 
To blend, should coordinate door decoration depending on the style you intend to take in every room. You can start with the bedroom doors of children, for which infant stickers are ideal. These are a simple way to make your own space. In the market is easy to find stickers with the name of your children. and you can find some creative stickers for kids room door decorating ideas " kids room door decor ideas"

creative door decor ideas, door sticker for kids room
As for the decoration of the hall door , you can put the emphasis on those stickers that present a nice message.
for kitchen door decorating , a sticker slate is usually quite original, you can put it on the doors of the furniture, the fridge door and even on the walls of the kitchen, playing with motifs of fruits, vegetables, and other . you can find more kitchen door and fridge door decorating ideas in this article " kitchen door and refrigerator door stickers"

decorating paintings for doors

To give renewed impetus to the doors of the house air, you can use paint . Although this option requires a little more dedication, and is not liked by those who are not friends of DIY, you can help with a lot of creativity to express all your ideas
I encourage you to have fun painting a hand or two of the doors of the house . You can also create a decor painting for both sides of the door, but with different colors: these colors harmonize with the hall, on the one hand, and a room on the other.
Finally, another option for decorating the door, upholstery is based on a more chic effect. You have to choose the option that you like and that you think is most appropriate.