handmade paintings for decorating your walls

Interior decorating does not have to be expensive and much less complicated. Therefore I propose to do handmade paintings for your home walls and decorate it easily. and make your own designs in 6 steps.

handmade paintings for decorating your walls

to make a handmade painting you need : a painting, a large brush, a pencil, scissors, white glue, tissue or crepe various colors round paper molds of different sizes.

Place a round mold on the tissue or crepe paper and mark with pencil the circular shape to begin designing the paintings for your wall decorating. Move the mold place and repeat the first step to more circles.

Cut out the circles drawn on paper using scissors. Be careful and neat as you can. 

Set aside on the table cut all the circles. Do not forget to have some emergency if an accident occurs.

Using the brush, put a little white glue on the surface of the canvas. It is important not upload much brush to avoid lumps when hit circles. 

Being careful not to air pockets, placed circles tissue or crepe paper on the surface of the canvas. Do it the way you like, you can overlay some circles.

Finally, reposition vinyl glue on the surface to seal the box and ensure that the circles will not delaminate over time.