creative modern chair for living room and balcony

today we present to you one of the most creative ideas of the furniture, it's a modern chair for living room and balcony.

modern balcony chair, living room chair with design ideas

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Day by day we are getting used to see furniture that are not what they seem, or not clearly show its function, or that this offers considerable scope. The creativity of the designers never ceases to amaze , even before the saturation of such parts may come a time when almost nothing gets to amaze.
 this Is not what happens to the " Pages Chair "(the chair of pages), the Japanese study 6474 . It has a very attractive design , which is most likely inspired by the famous fairy tale The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen. As everyone will recall, that story was a girl sleeping in a bed with multiple mattresses under which she was hiding a pea, to show if his presence was noticed, who had royal blood.

modern handmade balcony chair whit creative design
There are mattresses, but several comfortable cushions of different colors, Chair having the Pages, which can be raised, as if it were pages, to suit the convenience of the user. In turn, those who have been raised act as back of the chair. A seat with a modern aesthetic and impressive, thanks to its changing appearance , ensures that its owner never bored.
modern handmade living room chair whit creative design