most popular kitchen paint colors

Are you remodeling your kitchen or you want to give a new touch to the space? Whatever you're planning, changing the paint is perhaps the quickest, easiest and above all, inexpensive way to give a change to the area. Therefore, I propose to see the most 5 popular kitchen paint colors that can add appeal to space and make your kitchen more relaxed and comfortable. 
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popular kitchen paint colors : white

most popular kitchen paint colors, white kitchens
White is not just a standard paint color in kitchens , it is also classic and inspires freshness and cleanliness. If you want to stream from your kitchen, then this is the solution. In addition, the white does not have to be boring, you can always combine it with different accessories.

Apple green

most popular kitchen paint colors, apple green kitchens
Ever set out to try to paint the living room green or use apple tones to decorate the living . These are only a few options that provide elegant and attractive interior decorations. In the kitchen is also a color that conveys calm and silence.


most popular kitchen paint colors, creamy kitchens
It is a neutral color that can also be used to paint the entire kitchen and, like white, add color through accessories or items. Lets give from a traditional or contemporary space and combines excellent with different tones.

popular kitchen paint color : orange

most popular kitchen paint colors, orange kitchens
This is an attractive kitchen paint color that conveys joy and excitement but do not abuse its use in the kitchen. It's best to use as secondary color and combines with more neutral to give more balance to the tone kitchen decor .


No need to paint the whole kitchen in yellow, but it is a very original place in the kitchen color. It is also important to choose the shade of yellow you want to use depending on it can use it to a greater or lesser extent in space. 

most popular kitchen paint colors, yellow kitchens
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