beautiful shelves decorating ideas for kids room

If your child has simple book shelves? So, with these few ideas to decorate a kids room book shelves you can transform and customize a nice library made ​​in His own image to help you take a liking to the books and keep her room tidy.

shelves decorating ideas for kids room

kids room bookshelves decorating ideas, batman
Teaching a child to love books is sometimes quite difficult. Practical, attractive and educational, a nice presentation of a bookstore  can help parents to interest children in reading. To decorate a classic Seller or simply used as a library shelves, simply apply some creative and easy ideas to implement.

creative kids room shelves designs ideas

use intense colors, kids room shelves

The simple decoration to make the furniture more attractive in the eyes of the children is to use a classic model plywood and paint it different vivid colors. Customize the cabinet after writing on the sides and separations if any words and numbers using a template. 
If you do not have the patience or the time to paint and then print the reasons, another good solution is to use wallpaper and stick it on the wood. you should choose colors with your child's favorite prints, but also using a style that is well suited to the type of furniture.

creative shelves designs with beautiful colors for kids room

The masking tape for shelves

The masking tapes are very practical in decoration. These small decorative adhesive strips let you create a custom decor , and pretty cheap, about any type of furniture. They can be used to decorate the edges of the shelves of kids room or to form letters or simple drawings: stars, clouds, etc..
To decorate kids room shelves , hand-made drawings could go very well. Feel free to invite your child to participate in the decoration of furniture. Previously, the furniture should be painted white before drawing with pen books, their favorite heroes, their favorite TV characters, etc..