small dining room lighting ideas

Sometimes lack of knowledge resign ourselves to certain things we could change, if you're wondering how to light small dining rooms , you will find the best answers to implement and change your image.
You may think that the bill will come to light, but do not think that you can just add panels and lamps to increase the light in your room, but we will tell you what type of artificial lighting you should use, there are other tricks you can implement and will serve to achieve your goal.
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dining room light colors

The first dining room lighting ideas is to make the whole environment has a high content of light colors , speak from things like the carpet or wall paint, to the furniture and even curtains. Only the ceiling and / or floor may have a darker tone for the rest of the components that play in favor of a little more dining room lights.

small dining room lighting ideas using mirrors

small dining room lighting - Use mirrors

Today we can find an infinite number of models of mirrors to decorate and use; very modern are typically the type puzzle mirrors, if the place yourself strategically, not only serve to decorate your walls, but also will bounce light and to expand.

Artificial lighting ideas for dining room

dining room lighting ideas are vitally important, but the key is knowing how to locate the foci, there are different systems such as torchiere light, bulbs is that it follows a light that bounces off the ceiling and thus the space is illuminated more broadly.
Another is the use of dichroic, these direct light depending on the direction in which they are placed, combined with a large central panel are ideal to complement the lighting of a small dining room .
Another type of lamps that are introduced into holes in the dining room ceiling or those which are attached to the sidewalls.
Placing a floor lamp, which in turn is multi directional lights or bulbs, is an effective solution, because at one point you can move it as you need and does not occupy extra place, led bulbs placed to minimize consumption.
for small dining table lighting ideas you can always use lamps on table, provide a romantic touch to your room and more light.

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small dining room lighting ideas

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