bedroom decorating ideas in K-POP style

The  K-pop or Korean pop is increasingly widespread. For this reason, many people are looking to decorate their rooms with things and motifs characteristic of K-pop, Korean dramas and culture where their favorite artists do, so we bring you some ideas to decorate your bedroom in  K-pop style.

ideas and tips for getting a bedroom with K-POP decoration

there is no specific technique for style of K-pop , it really depends a lot on the personal tastes and whether you are looking to follow some decoration drama, music video or an idol room. But there are some features that most shared and can guide you to begin decorating.

Bedroom Wall decorating ideas in K-POP style

bedroom decorating ideas in K-POP style, bedroom wall, paint colors, curtains
In a bedroom was decorated in K-pop style, the decoration of the walls may vary if the room for a woman or man, but in general, both are handled vibrant colors but light shades , for example lime green, sky blue, medium pink and yellow. The white color is generally most prevalent. The most commonly used decorations are own posters, calendars and photos of favorite bands.
Bedroom furniture 

bedroom furniture in K-POP style, bedroom decor ideas
Youth bedroom furniture with modern and colorful style are the perfect complement to traditional furnishings. Couches, chairs, tables and bookcases can be colorful and plastics, can even alternate colors instead of using only one tone. It is not necessary that all the furniture is changed, you can use neutral tones and furniture complement with other vibrant colors. Contrast is one of the characteristics of the K-Pop decoration style. 

Bedroom Curtains in K-POP style

The curtains of various colors can be a great idea to compliment the windows, but the classic cut white curtains can also be used, especially in the bedroom of women. The blinds have the advantage that they can be used in both rooms for women and men and are especially used in white.
The k-pop style beds are single modern beds, some people use them headless or ornaments. The quilts and blankets in the k-pop style are very colorful, whether in plaids, they printed or plain fabrics. The vibrant colors are the most used in all rooms, but in the female dorms light shades are used.
We can use all kinds of bedroom accessories, but the objects related to the bands are the best. For example plastic or ceramic figurines of the members of a band. Books, DVD's, mugs, dishes, toys, clothes, towels, etc..

bedroom wall decorating ideas in k-pop style