book shelves: how to make DIY hidden shelf

how can i make a DIY hidden bookshelves with steps?

This shelf is very easy to do , you need a few materials and it will give your home a very original touch rarely seen.
To make it you need: 
• An L-shaped bracket, it is preferably metal and sturdy. 
• Cola. 
• A big old book that is not in their reread plans. 
• Screws (size depends on the width of support and the book) 
• A driller. 
• And a pencil.

book shelves: how to make DIY hidden shelf 
The first thing to do is marking the center of the book with pencil, between the cover and the first leaf, put the stand and draw its outline, so we know where to place it correctly. Make sure that the bracket covers the most of the book and then looks good against the wall.
Then we drill the holes using the driller with and enter the screws (the number of perforations depends on having our holder), it is recommended to put the sides a few more screws to grip and leaves no messy remains.
The next thing we have to do is stick to the back cover remaining sheets with plenty of glue (and with the attached product support). For this to stick properly can put some much weight on, or hang with books and thought putting on.