15 creative DIY kids toy storage ideas (New)

It is always comforting to brighten the lives of the most kids with giving them some toys, right? However, over time this can become an impediment to organize the small kids room. 
Quiet! Fortunately there are many suggestive ways for kids toy storage , opting for a series of objects, items and accessories to create a more orderly environment and visually aesthetic.
Say goodbye to your problems of organization with the following ideas for toy storage . Choose your favorite!

toy storage ideas under bed for small kids room

traditional kids toy storage options

Toy storage baskets
Without taking up too much space, the baskets are an interesting alternative to save a lot of small toys . Use baskets of all sizes and all colors. Your kid will learn to organize his own toys.

kids toy storage drawers
If you have more traditional tastes, then go for a few  drawers keeps toys and other  additional accessories. To avoid losing the magic touch, be sure to choose an evocative color that fits with the kids room interior decor.

Toy storage trunk
This is a simple and practical proposal. There is nothing better than putting toys in a very strong and broad trunk. Your kids can store all kinds of objects, from the smallest to the largest.

creative toy storage ideas

kids toy storage ideas, using toilet paper tubes
toy storage corner shelves for small kids room