craft ideas for kids birthday decoration - 5 creative ideas

Are you going to celebrate a birthday for a kid and don't know how to entertain him and his friends? Do not worry, that's why I bring you a selection of craft ideas for kids birthday decoration. They are very funny and easy, with cheap and readily available materials. The kids will have a great time and you will have cost you very little, so do not hesitate to try them all.

5 creative craft ideas for kids birthday party decoration

beautiful souvenirs for birthday decoration, craft ideas for kids

We all love to dress up from time to time, especially to kids. Help them to become any character with these craft souvenirs for kids birthdays . From heart-shaped glasses with fake mustaches, you'll love them because they are so easy to make and the kids will have so much fun With them, birthday photos will be much more entertaining and original.
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how to make craft souvenirs for kids birthday party, craft ideas for kids

how to make birthday party decorated whistles - craft ideas for kids

Do your birthday party lacks a bit of atmosphere? Nothing better to encourage the party with these craft whistles for birthday party decoration. It is an ingenious way to entertain kids and teach them to be creative. Remember to have different colored ribbons, so that each kid can personalize his whistle as he like.
how to make whistles for birthday party, craft ideas for kids

heart shaped origami rings for kids 

 most kids enjoy a lot with this craft, and they will learn how to make origami rings with heart shape . Not only funny, but also very economical, because all you'll need is a square piece of paper. You'll see them as you like and how well they go bragging with rings! 

how to make craft origami rings for kids birthday decoration

Craft cardboard Toys for kids to make and play

Tell the other parents to bring children with at least two cardboard tubes to create together cardboard toys and play . With these smaller craft binoculars they can play at being explorers, or even daring spies. And above all, they take home a nice souvenir birthday.
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