how to make cardboard toys, craft ideas for kids

Cardboard tubes that bring the toilet paper that we use to make all kinds of crafts are great to recycle and help keeping our environment. I invite you to re-use this craft to make toys fun and original carton.

how to make a toy with cardboard tubes, craft ideas for kids birthday

Ask for help from the little kids to this craft ideas, for sure it will be very easy to learn to do them because we have developed a video tutorial to show exclusively for all steps in the development of this craft. Take a look and learn how to make cardboard toys.

craft ideas for kids birthday, how to make a cardboard toys

Two butterfly hooks
2 tubes of toilet paper
Glue stick
Black Card
Colored Paper
see the video tutorial here > click here

Additional advice:
If you do not have glue sticks at home, you can either replace it with white glue. Yes, in case you opt for vinyl glue, ensure that it does not overflow, applied with care. You can use a brush to apply it.
Both the colors of the paper and the cardboard are merely cosmetic and optional, if you have black card or if you simply prefer to use another color, you can do so.
Be sure to tell us how you have been preparing these cardboard toys