11 DIY bed headboards with low cost for all bedrooms

They are original . They are cheap . They are a figment of imagination , own style and desire to give personality to that place where we spend a third of our lives.
Well, dreaming, closing and opening day, here are a dozen great ideas to decorate your bed headboard yourself , and give your bedroom the unique touch you deserve.
We found ideas that reuse old materials such as doors or old shutters that would throw, recycled objects and turned into decoration, lights, rustic items, original paintings ... and as there are so many ideas that have fallen in love, what do you think?

Creative, functional and low-cost ideas to make a DIY bed headboard 

creative vinyl headboard cover for decorating your bedroom
Using vinyl covers as a bed headboard achieve a themed area you want and colors as you wish. from natural and relaxing grounds, as the tree image, to any scenario that comes to your head. You can also paint it yourself . 

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DIY bed headboard with a large world map
Garnish with an ancient map of the world as a headboard, you wake up every day eager to take a look on the world with the first ray of light. You can choose the style of map that perfectly suits the decor of your room: retro/vintage maps as image, leaflets or poster, abstract , art , colorful , and even typos . You can use a plaster , or wallpaper (any decorative paper in general) plus vinyl.

making DIY bed headboard using opened books to add inspiration to your bedroom
making a headboard with books for book lovers. This composition is spectacular. You can make it with old books in any market, and choose the most pages that inspire you to dream with unique stories and adventures.

making a bedroom headboard using photo frames
A puzzle with pictures. it is a great idea. You can create the shape you want using the frames. Also play with colors and sizes

a slate bed headboard to add a touch of fun tou your kids bedroom
A Slate headboard covering an area on which you can paint over and over again, you can leave messages and make games like the image. A funny headboard for  creative and interactive kids and different couples.

light headboard panels for romance bedroom interior
Light panels headboard, extra point for a real handyman. This is an exercise of skill and precision. you don't need to an artist or an electrician, because you will use a few simple materials (part of a Christmas lights strip and translucent panels, which you can find in bazaars from neighborhood shops to furniture and department stores). The crack image created in 9 identical modules will give a faint in the evening, pleasant and very romantic light ... Imagine how is it working in flash mode: this is the beginning of a dream, for sure!

Japanese headboard design with wooden shelves for minimalism bedroom 
The Last Samurai slept here. this headboard is simply spectacular Minimal, straight and light , this composition complemented by a choice of two-tone colors (white / black) to highlight some decorative objects with garish colors like yellow. If you like oriental inspiration , this bed headboard is yours.
But beware, if you opt for shelves considerable weight you need to take special care facility: the materials will have to be more resistant than normal.

cool bed headboard was made of wicker for rustic bedrooms
A bed headboard made of wicker, Welcome to Waikiki Hotel bedroom. summer or winter, this room every night will give a warm welcome to accompany your imagination with a vision of a bonfire on the beach, skirts and Hawaiian leis. Installation of carpentry  wood pieces at different heights has become so natural that it looks like a piece of fence a distant resort who always want to return. Aloha!

a DIY headboard with small bookshelves with low cost
Reinvent your supplies from decorating stores. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. If you chain several headboards and combine with shelves pieces , you get a monument to house your books and belongings favorites near you while you sleep.

making DIY bed headboard using lighting branches for romance bedroom decoration
Single lights for big dreams. Did you see how a little work can get so much in return if you put imagination to your bed? Yes, we are talking about decor.

creative DIY bed headboard for reading lovers
For lovers of literature, we saw a montage of books , but they were opened. These are on the flip side with colors we choose that will give you an incredible joy to your room and can be combined with any color of paint.