How to make handmade cool keychains - craft ideas

Not everything has to be complicated, so, this time we make ​​some handmade cool keychains. They can be perfect for gifts or to give as a souvenir as they are very economical.
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how to make cool key chains (handmade, craft) full tutorial

Although these craft keychains are great for any occasion, whether for souvenirs or to give to someone, I like them for my keys, they give lots of color and joy to my keychain. Make one and think who will be ideal for this keychain.

craft ideas, how to make a handmade cool key chain with tutorial
3 different colors wool
2 rings of cardboard

craft ideas, how to make a handmade cool key chain with tutorial


The easy way to make keychains with this technique is to start by rolling the wool cardboard rings. Spend three wool through the hole in the middle and repeat to scroll through all the cardboard. 

By covering the entire card, make sure to give good volume Pom pom 

Use the scissors to cut the wool over the edge of the circle.

Spend a piece of wool between the two rings of cardboard and tie firmly.

Remove the cardboard rings up your own pom pom.

Use the string to tie the pompom.

Make a security knot.

use the beads and the thread to make as shown in the picture

When you reach the desired length of the thread, pass it through the keychain.

Make a hard knot in the thread and go! What fun this keychain looks.
these cool key chains are easy to make, so you can make as many as you want without getting tired. But if you want to give them as souvenirs, I suggest making several different types to give variety to the event