how to make heart shaped origami rings - craft ideas for kids

Origami is a great way to pass the time, develop our creativity and enhance our motor skills. For that you too can enjoy it, we will show how to make origami rings with heart shape as one of our craft ideas for kids .
Try to make these origami rings, I'm sure you'll find this entertaining and very beautiful craft. Always a good time to learn, but the best time is now, let's begin. 

craft ideas for kids, making origami rings whit hearts

craft ideas for kids, heart shaped origami rings
A square piece of paper

Start making origami rings with folding paper in half and marking it with care. 

Open the paper. 

Fold the top quarter of the paper. 

Open the paper and fold again in half which would be one-eighth of the piece of paper. 

Now fold the paper in half vertically. 

Reopen the paper and turn it over. Take the upper right corner to the center of the paper, respecting the fold line of the last made. 

Do the same on the opposite side to make it symmetrical. 

Bending the tip is formed in the upper part of the paper. 

Turn over the paper.

Across the paper, open the flaps are formed. 

Fold the flaps. 

Now fold the top edge of the fins. 

Also Fold the bottom edge of the paper to the center horizontally. 

Repeat the last step, fold the edge back up. 

And a more fold as above. 

Turn it around and you'll see that we have already formed the heart. 

Connect the ends to form a ring. 

Your origami ring is ready

Now that you know how to make a origami ring with heart shape
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