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The stencil technique for furniture painting can give a better look to the furniture and create new styles in designing interior decorating , stencils for furniture can transform traditional or Victorian style pieces of modern furniture.
stencil is the fastest way to give new life to our wood furniture, as they renew and add style and sophistication. The key is to choose between the stencils model that best fit the furniture.

creative stencils templates for furniture

Tips for stenciling furniture

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modern templates of stencils for furniture

Taking time
The stencil is a technique for painting furniture, as you need to complete several steps to renew the furniture with this technique. You need to take the necessary time-not less-for paint details with templates , and you should apply a coat and hope it is completely dry to apply the next.

step by step
The idea is to apply a first layer of paint, wait to dry thoroughly and apply the second layer. Then you can start varnishing and drying, wait if you want to give a second layer of varnish, and so on to get the right finish. It is ideal to do everything step by step, because otherwise the end result will not be the same.
Renewing old furniture or used
If you have old furniture that you want to give a second life with screen printing techniques , then turns to garage sales where you will surely find cheap furniture that you can renew to decorate the rooms of your house.

how to apply stencils for furniture

 the surface should be clean and free of dirt or other elements before we print.
Then we choose the paint that suits the material of furniture, although you can get great results using spray paint high gloss or semi-gloss enamel.
Place the template for stenciling carefully on the surface to be printed and secured with masking tape.
After being painted with color and paint chosen completely, let dry completely.
Once dry, the template can be removed but if you want to give a second layer you can do before removing the template instead.
Finally, applying the varnish operating as a sealer paint. 

modern techniques and templates of stencils for furniture