perfect under stairs storage ideas for small homes

how can I reuse the under stairs space as a storage solutions or how i can turn it to any other part of the home staircase designs
We speak today about the gap that many households let it inert, empty, useless. And the great potential that a little imagination and the help of a professional can offer to make it as enjoyable spaces as any other corner of the house.

desk and shelves - under stairs storage solutions 

how can I reuse the under stairs space as a storage solutions.

Of course, the first thing you need is to have stairs designs at home. So if, as it happens to me, your live-storey, floor, I suggest you take a good note-you never know where you will live in the future ... - and share these ideas with those friends who have one duplex / villa so nice but so wasted .
Obviously, depending on the size (height and width) and the arrangement of the stairs (more or less accessible) I can incorporate one or other resolution of these brilliant DIY friends have developed at home. under stairs storage ideas

under stairs storage ideas, TV units and bookshelves
hidden closet, under the stairs storage solutions

guest bathroom, under stairs solutions
under stairs solutions , pet home
shoe storage ideas, under the stairs space
under stairs solutions, reading sofa
How about these ideas? Are not they amazing ways to make the most of that part of your house that seemed doomed to be merely a vain ?
With the help of a professional you can turn the stairwell to a site of which to be proud and which will save space ... step to step.
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