bedroom shelves: how and where to install shelves in the bedroom

Installing the bedroom shelves : functional ideas and tips

Bedroom for many of us is a main room, often combined with a study or living room. And so, placing the shelves in it has a certain value, because they so conveniently store books, beautiful vases , exquisite figurines. But even if the bedroom is spacious, and their is no need to save space, we are still looking for interesting and different ways to decorate the bedroom walls. In this article you'll learn about the different types and designs of bedroom shelves and how to apply them in the bedroom.
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Hanging bedroom shelves

The most traditional and intuitive way to install the bedroom shelves - is hanging them directly to the wall. And, depending on the functionality of these objects, you can install them on the bed, on the opposite wall to it, over the desk or dressing table, or any other convenient place for you.

hanged bedroom shelves with decorative frames

modern nightstands : 15 designs and tips for choosing

Modern nightstands designs, ideas and tips for choosing

Bedrooms in human life takes at least a third of all time, so the attention paid to the interior design of the apartment, is very closely related with our daily mood and health. Therefore, the question immediately arises, what part of the bedroom interior design is the most important and significant impact on the overall atmosphere of this intimate part of the house? Bed , you might say. And partly be right.

nightstands function in the bedroom interior:

20 mirrored dressing table designs and decorating ideas

Ideas and designs for mirrored dressing table decoration

Mirrored dressing table - perhaps the most important place for a girl, because most of us are willing to sit at the mirror for hours, applying makeup and trying a variety of jewelry. That is why we have prepared for you a selection of inspiring mirrored dressing table designs for all tastes.

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mirrored dressing table ideas with inspiring designs

Dressing table should be functional. In addition to the mandatory large  mirror  there certainly must be a sufficient number of drawers, baskets, boxes, and other devices for storing cosmetics and jewelry. Think about what exactly you need the organizers - it will prevent the room from eternal chaos and disorder. 

white mirrored dressing table design for modern bedroom

7 office wall decor ideas and options

ideas and options for office wall decor - 7 inspiring designs

In previous articles we have talked about "15 small office design ideas and decorating tips" and "Modern work office decorating ideas : 15 inspiring designs". Today we will talk about the office wall decor ideas and solutions.
There are several options depending on the atmosphere you want to achieve, there are modern, classical, original decorations and more, there are countless proposals. Please find below the most attractive.

modern office wall decorating ideas

office wallpaper decor

office wall decor - modern office wallpaper

Modern work office decorating ideas : 15 inspiring designs

Modern work office decorating ideas with some inspiring designs

Every work office design should have a custom and elegant style that can be comfortable for the employee, so now I have to provide an interesting topic for modern work office decorating ideas where we have to show the basic details that can bring a phenomenal decoration. In addition we must direct every worker to decorate the work office with the different basic elements in decor such as wall colors, furnishings that give a perfect finish to get an ideal for any work office decor.

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"15 small office design ideas and decorating tips"

modern work office decorating ideas and tips

15 small office design ideas and decorating tips

small office design ideas and experts office decorating tips

The article you are going to reed below is very interesting for all who want to have an environment in optimal conditions, which now I have to talk about small office design ideas and decorating tips where we must choose the basics to use the most of small spaces our workplace.

office  furniture (desk-chair-shelves) for small areas

small office design ideas - office furniture: hanged desk - shelves and small table

20 Minimalist bedroom design ideas and tips for small rooms

how to make a minimalist bedroom design + 20 bedroom designs

Whether for reasons of space, budget or simply for pleasure, many people choose stripped of objects and environments with monochrome colors. Liliana Mestanza decorator tells how to achieve personal decoration without reloading an environment
The bedroom is one of the most intimate places, and this is why it is one of the most defining our personality throughout the house. When decorating the bedroom, as with other rooms, you should take into account the space we have at the moment to unleash our desires and imagination. Minimalist bedroom design is an excellent choice as it is extremely harmonic and peaceful. No fanfare, let alone bedtime.
The minimalist style is the most innovative in the decoration, furniture with just gentle curves and straight lines are all that define this style furniture. In addition to the purity of the lines between the parts, we offer a new collection of minimalist bedroom designs which are perfect for creating a pleasant and modern atmosphere, and of course without losing functionality.

15 Boys room decorating ideas and tips from experts

Boys room decorating ideas: wall decor, furniture and paint colors

A few weeks ago we have talked about girl's room decorating ideas, this time we will focus on boys room decorating ideas and tips and we will provide you with photo collection that will please you.

15 Modern home decorating ideas and tips (from experts)

Functional and helpful home decorating ideas from experts you must take in mind

When you are going to decorate your home, you often think about what you need to make a big investment; however, it is not true. The first thing to note is that the home decorating style has to be really comforting and according to our personal style. in this post we bring 7 modern home decorating ideas and tips that will please you.

modern home decorating ideas and tips

Modern home decorating ideas : step by step

modern home decorating ideas from experts

Living room color : ideas and tips to make monochrome living room

One of living room color ideas: monochrome living room interior decor

in this article we are talking about on of the most popular living room color ideas: the monochrome living room, we provide you with ideas an tips to make it perfectly

living room color ideas : tips to make a monochrome living room interior

living room color ideas, yellow sofa and chair - yellow curtains - white paint colors

Bedroom curtain : 25 ideas and tips to choose curtains for bedroom

20 Bedroom curtain ideas - tips for choosing curtains for bedroom:

The bedroom curtains can enhance a romantic atmosphere. The type of fabric, color, texture and length are factors that affect the style and feeling of warmth that you want to generate in the environment. you can use bedroom curtains to decorate different parts in the room, for example: window curtains, canopy curtains and balcony curtains.

bedroom curtains ideas - green white curtains

Living room wallpaper : 15 ideas and designs for inspiration

living room wallpaper ideas and designs - 2014 collection for inspiration

We have already spoken about wallpaper in  the interior, w have shared:
ceiling wallpaper ideas, designs and installation tips
creative kitchen wallpaper ideas, designs, patterns
30 creative bedroom wallpaper ideas, designs
Bed headboards : ideas to make a DIY headboard with wallpaper
today we are talking about the living room wallpaper ideas and designs, we bring a collection of wallpaper patterns for all tastes and conditions, we also provide you with some useful tips for using wallpaper in your living room interior design.

living room wallpaper ideas - stone effect

Bed headboards : ideas to make a DIY headboard with wallpaper

Ideas for making bed headboards with creative wallpaper

we previously shared 3 posts showing creative Ideas to make DIY bed headboards "Bed headboards : use cushions to make a single bed headboard" and "11 DIY bed headboards with low cost for all bedrooms" , today we talk about making bed headboards with creative wallpaper.

how to make bed headboards with bedroom wallpaper

Bed headboards : use cushions to make a single bed headboard (DIY)

bed headboards: Ideas for using cushions to make a single bed headboard

In the fourth post on bed headboards we show how to make it with the help of cushions. This option is ideal if you are looking to create a custom, original, unique and inexpensive headboard.

how to make DIY bed headboard with cushions

Pool decorations : 10 swimming pool decorating ideas (inside-outside)

Swimming pool decorations - decorating ideas inside and outside the pool

As it seems that spring has finally came, and it is worth considering in the exterior decoration.
Today I propose to decorate a space we do not usually care in the time of decoration, now I bring a great ideas for the swimming pool decorations. those who are fortunate enough to have a pool at home, usually an area to which pays more attention to technical and practical decorating , and in cases where the pool decorations gain importance, they decorate the outside of the pool , but today we offer a collection of pool decorating ideas of the both : outside and inside.

inside swimming pool decorations

swimming pool decorating ideas

Platform bed with storage for small bedrooms : top 10 in 2014

top 10 platform beds with storage spaces for  all small bedrooms

If you have a small bedroom , of course you won't find and enough storage space! So to best optimize the space there are many practical solutions. the bed becomes a real convenient. Drawers, shelves or box, choose the perfect bed that provides you with enough storage space. for inspiration, we offer 10 platform beds with storage space.

platform bed with storage space under the bed

bathroom tile designs : top 10 design ideas for inspiration

top 10 bathroom tile designs and ideas in 2014 for inspiration

These are the bathroom tile colors that will make you delighted!: blue, green, gray, taupe, and even yellow, red or multicolored. There's something for everyone, so let yourself be inspired by our 10 bathroom tile designs.

bathroom wall tile color combinations - bathroom tile designs

modern bathroom tile designs , creative jumble of green and blue

modern outdoor furniture : 2014 collection for garden and terrace

collection of modern outdoor furniture for your garden and terrace.

Say goodbye to traditional outdoor furniture for garden, and welcome to the modern beautiful wooden outdoor furniture, wrought iron bench or wicker lounge. This year, it is particularly well served by major retailers, which have increased efforts to offer us everything we hoped, we have compiled a small selection of modern outdoor furniture suit all tastes

modern outdoor furniture, suspended cocoons

kitchen design ideas - 2014 collection for inspiration

modern kitchen design ideas inspire you in combining the kitchen with the living room

Today the choice of kitchens is so vast that we can not miss the kitchen that looks like us. Proof with the new 2014 collection of small kitchen design ideas showing that this room can has different faces and show both traditional or sophisticated audacious.

contemporary kitchen design ideas for small homes

living room paint color ideas : orange combinations

living room paint color ideas: orange combinations with other colors

The bright and attractive colors are very fashionable in last several seasons but the fact is that many people still fear them. Well, it's time to renew and build on the strong tones, and today I will convince you of the beauty that we can see in a living room paint color ideas in orange combinations .

orange living room paint color ideas

kitchen organization : ideas to organize you small kitchen

kitchen organization ideas and tips to use all the space in your small kitchen

Tired of looking for things in the kitchen and not find them? I invite you to know some tips to organize the kitchen that will help you always find what you need.

transparent storage containers for small kitchen organization