15 Modern home decorating ideas and tips (from experts)

Functional and helpful home decorating ideas from experts you must take in mind

When you are going to decorate your home, you often think about what you need to make a big investment; however, it is not true. The first thing to note is that the home decorating style has to be really comforting and according to our personal style. in this post we bring 7 modern home decorating ideas and tips that will please you.

modern home decorating ideas and tips

Modern home decorating ideas : step by step

modern home decorating ideas from experts
Take it easy, well define what you want and then look for something that compliments your home decorating idea. Department stores are perfect for finding good opportunities sometimes below the actual price sites.

Uses strategies
home decorating ideas - use strategies
For example, if you choose a different furniture in natural wood or white colors, maybe after a while you want to change the rest of the decor, it will be more difficult and costly. However, if you choose neutral color furniture, it will always be great with any curtain, carpet and accessories you choose.

Leave space
home decorating ideas and tips - leave space
The third one of the home decorating ideas: Do not make the mistake of cramming your house furniture and objects, select the one you like and fit your personality and get rid of the rest to walk through your home comfortably without getting hit with angular furniture, that will make a harmonious decor.

decorate the walls
wall decoration - home decorating ideas
 # modern home decorating ideas
Without overdoing, it's worth hanging some paintings, old or original photographs to provide a creative touch to your home. Leave some completely smooth blank walls, that makes the environment more bland and lifeless ,, don't miss this post "15 HOME WALL DECOR IDEAS WITH DECORATIVE FRAMES"

Light intelligently
home decorating ideas- home lighting options
One of the essential home decorating ideas (home lighting) : the key is to have at least two lamps per room inside your house located on opposite, or another way of facing to create a balance in ambient lighting sites. The light should be warm, avoid fluorescent white light as they convey coldness, and also add lamps, sconces or additional panels. see more "5 MODERN LIVING ROOM LIGHTING IDEAS"

Use an eye-catching carpet
modern home decorating ideas - colorful rugs

If your living room furniture is simple and without highlights, you can enhance the decor by placing a striking patterned carpet either by its texture, color, or form.

home decorating with mirrors
home decorating with mirrors

If you do not like the pictures on the walls, you can place a large mirror of irregular shape and original. Will serve to decorate your home , but keep in mind that the atmosphere should be in balance, you have to hang at a height, which does not cut the head of any member living in the house when you reflect on it . to know more reed this previous post "BEDROOM MIRRORS IDEAS, PLACEMENT, CHOICE"

Delicate curtains
home decorating tips and ideas to choose curtains

It is an excellent way to keep track lighting in the rooms of the house, and create a romantic atmosphere and, decor and impeccable living. Also you can place them in the kitchen. see more ideas for curtains here "25 IDEAS AND TIPS TO CHOOSE CURTAINS FOR BEDROOM

book storage ideas
book storage - home decorating ideas
book storage is often a problem when we do not know the space where you can store them without spoiling. But having some shelves for storage and that are sliding is ideal for small spaces. They can be placed in the living room and other areas of the house. for more book storage ideas reed this post "BOOK STORAGE : FUNCTIONAL IDEAS TO STORE YOUR BOOKS"