7 office wall decor ideas and options

ideas and options for office wall decor - 7 inspiring designs

In previous articles we have talked about "15 small office design ideas and decorating tips" and "Modern work office decorating ideas : 15 inspiring designs". Today we will talk about the office wall decor ideas and solutions.
There are several options depending on the atmosphere you want to achieve, there are modern, classical, original decorations and more, there are countless proposals. Please find below the most attractive.

modern office wall decorating ideas

office wallpaper decor

office wall decor - modern office wallpaper
The wallpapers have been modernized a lot in recent years, to the point you can apply custom designs. there are geometric motifs inspired by nature, with different patterns ... They are easy to install and some are washable. Yet it is not recommended in damp place.

office wall decor : paint colors

It's the classic way to decorate a wall, as there are a variety of colors and options to all styles and you can choose the color that best matches your office furniture.
Some offices need a touch of modernity to their walls using magnetic paint, a type of paint that makes the wall into a giant magnet and allows us to decorate with metal objects that we like.

Another ideas of your office wall decor is to paint your office with chalkboard paint , which enables you to write with chalk anything you see fit. In many offices where creativity is the main resource, have opted for this type of walls.

office wall decorating with photo gallery

Surely this type of office wall decor is the most quick and simple and at the same time allows us to convey the personality of your office through the walls. It offers the advantage of changing the order or when we want to replace.

photographic prints

Perhaps it is the most spectacular type of office wall decoration. We can have in your office a huge images that convey you all kinds of sensations, large images that evoke you memories, smells, feelings ... Post a photo mural of the sea or nature that causes you a sense of tranquility in offices where stress is continuous.

office wall stickers

This is an option of the office wall decor that has become very popular lately. There are many sizes and models of decorative wall stickers, fully customizable and very cheap, they are made of vinyl. They are clean and easy to install, you can install them on any smooth wall in seconds.

wall decorating with graffiti 

for who want to feel young and urban style in his office to both employees and visitors, decorating the walls with graffiti is an ideal option, but this is a decoration that is not suitable for all types of offices as you take the risk of offering a contrary to the desired image.

modern office wall decor - storage and decorative shelves