Bed headboards : ideas to make a DIY headboard with wallpaper

Ideas for making bed headboards with creative wallpaper

we previously shared 3 posts showing creative Ideas to make DIY bed headboards "Bed headboards : use cushions to make a single bed headboard" and "11 DIY bed headboards with low cost for all bedrooms" , today we talk about making bed headboards with creative wallpaper.

how to make bed headboards with bedroom wallpaper

bed headboards, practical ideas for using wallpaper

pink printed bed headboard for girl's bedroom
The use of wallpaper offers many practical and aesthetic options, besides being one of the cheapest options for getting hit with the design. If you have a small room, unlike the traditional headboard, take up space and can not comply with the minimum to move to the other side of the bed without confinement below. As for design , there is a wide range of finishes, from floral prints, geometric, animal going through a myriad of colors and textures.

bed headboards with creative wallpaper cut
The way you put the bed headboards of wallpaper is a taste of the consumer; You can wallpapering the entire wall, creating a wooden base and install on it, fill only the width of the bed frame with molding and even make a cut to simulate a classic headboard.

bed headboard decorating ideas with wallpaper
Finally, an idea to make DIY bed headboards with wallpaper : if you want a harmonious bedroom, supplements should always go to match the colors of the headboard. They need not have the same theme, but close to that range. For example, you can use various shades pads but at least one or two should be the same tonal range than others. We leave you some examples:

bedroom wallpaper for decorating bed headboards
wallpaperd bed headboards for bedroom decoration