35 bedroom ceiling designs and ideas

stunning bedroom ceiling designs and ideas for decoration

Bedroom ceiling designs: To decorate your bedroom, you often pay attention to the wall paintings, furniture and floor, but what about your bedroom ceiling design? Yes, you can make your bedroom ceiling the focal point in your bedroom. The ceiling of the room is the first thing you see when you open your eyes. So creating perfect designs for your bedroom ceiling is very crucial. 

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Although you do not usually think about the ceiling when decorating the house, it's an interesting area which give it a personal touch . Generally only the paint and chose a nice lamp that we prove, however, ceilings have many possibilities for decoration today we will show a bit of them.

bedroom ceiling design ideas

bedroom ceiling designs- bedroom ceiling paint
painted ceiling designs for kids bedroom
Options to make bedroom ceiling designs are many. The easiest and cheapest option is to paint it in a color to match the bedroom furniture or rugs. Ideally paint in a color that contrasts with the rest of the walls, either a tone or vivid color on a gray or dark brown shooting. If you want to keep the same color as the walls, then it is best to place a white trim on the perimeter to contrast, but will lose the effect. In the case of the bedrooms are not advised to paint it black so it does not prove oppressive.

bedroom ceiling designs of gypsum for girl's room
painted bedroom ceiling designs for football lover kids
Another option  of bedroom ceiling designs is to use a different material to the rest of the walls. For example, leaving exposed beams (or put some false), combined with other material crossbars or create us a vaulted brick ceiling. In this case, if we wish, it is possible to paint the ceiling in the same color of the walls, since we got the contrast and the difference of textures.

bedroom ceiling design, ceiling paint ideas
As creative options, we can also create and install a concrete effect vinyl typographical or play with all kinds of designs of moldings and rosettes if we give a stately atmosphere to the bedroom.

bedroom ceiling designs, ceiling design ideas for small bedroom
To show the practical application and how they can really be, we bring a large collection of bedroom ceiling designs  and options for decoration. 

photo collection of ceiling designs for bedroom and small bedrooms

gypsum bedroom ceiling designs with ceiling lights and ceiling curtains
ceiling design for living room with lighting tray
ceiling design for living room with wooden decorations
tray ceiling design for bedroom of gypsum board and hidden lights
cloudy painted ceiling designs for kids bedroom

round false ceiling designs for bedroom made of gypsum
bedroom ceiling designs , sky shaped ceiling
black drywall on a white ceiling design for bedrooms
painted bedroom ceiling designs, ceiling paint ideas
high-tech bedroom ceiling design with plasma

gypsum tray ceiling designs for luxury bedroom 
simple bedroom ceiling designs made of gypsum with crystal chandelier

bedroom ceiling designs