bedroom shelves: how and where to install shelves in the bedroom

Installing the bedroom shelves : functional ideas and tips

Bedroom for many of us is a main room, often combined with a study or living room. And so, placing the shelves in it has a certain value, because they so conveniently store books, beautiful vases , exquisite figurines. But even if the bedroom is spacious, and their is no need to save space, we are still looking for interesting and different ways to decorate the bedroom walls. In this article you'll learn about the different types and designs of bedroom shelves and how to apply them in the bedroom.
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Hanging bedroom shelves

The most traditional and intuitive way to install the bedroom shelves - is hanging them directly to the wall. And, depending on the functionality of these objects, you can install them on the bed, on the opposite wall to it, over the desk or dressing table, or any other convenient place for you.

hanged bedroom shelves with decorative frames

The distance between the hanging shelves: define it yourself, guided by the height and size of objects which you will put on shelves.
If the bedroom is small, you should think about whether the shelves will hinder the free movement in the room. Also, you should carefully check the soundness of the installation, especially when the bedroom shelves are over the bed, and carry heavy weight of books.
If you are going to place books or other heavy objects on the hanging shelves, you should consider the quality of the material of which it is made. Choose natural wood without cracks or metal frame. In addition, we recommend to hang shelves on a carrier, or made of strong materials wall.
Height of bedroom shelves mounted above the bed should be comfortable, the ideal is to be installed at a distance of 20-30 cm above the head of the person who sit on the bed.

suspended bedroom shelves for decoration and book storage

Whatnot bedroom shelves

This type of shelving is very easy to use for any room, as light shelves and mobile, and therefore at the right time they can be easily moved to another part of the bedroom.
small bedrooms is most appropriate to use shelving units, as according to the size of the room, they can be very compact, containing everything you need for reading or crafts.
there are many places to put shelves in the bedroom, they can be installed in areas near the bed, or beside any of the walls of the room.

modern whatnot shelves for bedroom

Bedroom shelves in the niches

Niches have became classics in the interior, and thanks to the variety of shapes and sizes, they can be the highlight of the room. Round and rectangular, narrow and wide, and less than a recessed wall niche - a great place to put shelves in the bedroom.
A niche can be made as a built-in wardrobe with open shelves and closed sections.
Determining the location for the niche in the bedroom should be in the design phase or redevelopment, as it requires compliance with certain calculations and creating special designs. the suitable areas for niches can be bedside bed, the gap between the windows or the wall opposite the bed.

shelves in niches for small bedrooms
modern bedroom shelves in niches

Bedroom shelving

This type of design is more suitable for spacious bedrooms, because racks occupy a large part of the wall, or even its entire area.
Shelving - an open suspended cupboard, with height - from the middle of the wall to the ceiling. By design, it can be modular (ie, consisting of several compartments) and solid. Rack, in addition, either set against a wall or mounted to a surface.
bedroom shelving can be formed around the bed. To do this, the shelves are mounted vertically and horizontally over the headboard, forming a letter "n"

modern bedroom shelving ideas for large rooms

Installing bedroom shelves beside the window

Beautiful and very functional way to install shelves in the bedroom, you can use the design, framing the area around the window.
In a traditional bedroom with a large area, you can get an additional sitting area with upholstered bench and built-in shelves on each side. these bedroom shelves comfortably accommodate books, magazines, or everything you need for your hobby.

Based on the above recommendations for placement of shelves in the bedroom, you can make it not only more comfortable and functional, but also to use every inch of space with the maximum benefit. We recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity!