15 Boys room decorating ideas and tips from experts

Boys room decorating ideas: wall decor, furniture and paint colors

A few weeks ago we have talked about girl's room decorating ideas, this time we will focus on boys room decorating ideas and tips and we will provide you with photo collection that will please you.

Boys room decoration requires more care than girl's room, especially if we want the very marked bedrooms (ie, you notice that it's belong to male). In girls, just use any kind of pink (pale pink, purple, etc..) to associate with the feminine; however the use of any type of blue is not enough in this case, you should get a room in light blue or turquoise to suit feminine.

boys room decorating ideas and tips

While generating boys room decorating ideas, the key rule is to bring creative energy to this area. This can be done by choosing suitable colors of boys room which prompt the look of relaxing and harmonious environment. The boys living room is the place where you can have fun with your friends and even love ignites in there. A whole new feel can be created by choosing proper furniture for boys room according to the available space.

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boys room decor themes : american football
If we talk about the color of boys bedroom decorating, it's ideal to use the Navy , quintessential masculine tone (it is the traditional color of men's suits or navy color peculiar style navy ). other colors like the neutral tones (black, gray and white) or even red  can also work well.
boys room furniture ideas, bed with storage
boys room decorating ideas, bunk bed for tow kids
If you also combine it with an aesthetic wood and near the industrial style , with their luggage, their wrought iron headboards and vintage items, we secured the effect. The British style can also be another option: the British flags on headboards or bed linens tend to give the children's bedroom decor a masculine air.

We can also use other supplements in boys room: aircraft, atlas, cars, trucks, watches, telescopes or bicycles are directly associated for boys room decorating ideas.
And of course, anything that reminds the sport (a foosball table, a vinyl football with a door in the wall, a basketball net or a pair of crossed baseball bats and hung on the wall with the ball and / or a cap middle)

On the other hand, if we have enough space, a tent in the traditional style, in sackcloth to play the Indians will look great in these rooms, as are the scientific reasons as Diplodocus and Tyrannosaurus boxes.

What if you have kids at home, you have some pictures for boys room decorating ideas which we hope will inspire you.