Kids bedroom ideas : tips to decorate a room for two kids

double kid's bedroom ideas and tips for dividing the space into small rooms

From baby to teenager, to coexist two kids in a small space is often complex and delicate. This requires a specific layout so that everyone can enjoy a little piece of its own and where it can flourish. Discover right now the kids bedroom ideas at Decor Zone to arrange and optimize double bedrooms intelligently.

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Delimitation by color

kids bedroom ideas for dividing the space by color
To create a private space for each child you can put on customizing each space with decorative accessories and furniture opposed by their colors as in the image: white right and black left.

The partition blackboard

dividing the space by a partition blackboard, kids bedroom ideas
Ingenious idea to divide the space for tow kids is using a partition in wood. Its advantage? It offers everyone a surface design through a small blackboard like the old school boards. kids bedroom ideas

Kids bedroom ideas: Mirror effect

kids bedroom ideas, dividing the space for tow kids using the mirror effect
It is a practical and functional layout of kids room dividing. Here we play the mirror effect of arranging the beds face to face. you can brighten the decor of the bedroom with two rugs, two cabinets for storage and two offices for homework in separate universe for more customization. it's my favorite kids bedroom ideas for dividing the space for two kids

Extendable bed for double kids bedroom

extendable bed for two-kids , kids bedroom ideas
Those Who Want to invest long-term in the room of Their two kids will look to stretch beds which-have the advantage of Adapting to all ages. Very convenient, simple gesture is enough to transform a bed of 140 cm long in a bed of 2 m long.

Bunk beds with storage

bunk beds with storage, kids bedroom ideas for tow kids
this bunk bed is ultra-convenient. Placed against the wall, it maximizes the space with two beds and built-in drawers.

small kids bedroom ideas, double bed for two kids
Ideal for blended families with dependent kids occasionally, this solid pine bed has extra drawer bed is an essential element of small  kids bedrooms.

double kids bedroom ideas, double desk for two kids
A clever and functional desk for kids sharing the same bedroom. The main advantage: it provides an individual  work area the for each kid.