Living room color : ideas and tips to make monochrome living room

One of living room color ideas: monochrome living room interior decor

in this article we are talking about on of the most popular living room color ideas: the monochrome living room, we provide you with ideas an tips to make it perfectly

living room color ideas : tips to make a monochrome living room interior

living room color ideas, yellow sofa and chair - yellow curtains - white paint colors
A very common on of the living room color ideas is to use neutral base colors (usually white and sometimes a touch of black) and choose another color (usually a bit vivid) to combine.

living room color ideas- monochrome decor - purple paint color and wall units

In this case we are talking about monochrome living room decor , since a single color tonal range and only that is used. It is very typical minimalist and contemporary interior but it is also possible to see in some shabby chic environment, in this case choosing a light tone.

living room color ideas - fresh lime paint colors - white sofa

To decorate according to this pattern without screwing up, you must be careful when applying the live tone complements: suffices when 2 or 3 points in which you use it; usually one of them in a mass of color (like the carpet , the couch or wall ) and the other two points in two away from first-ons (eg, room lamp and a small vase or tray, a cushion on the reading chair, etc..) so as to compensate for the stay. Do not make the mistake of placing splashes of color everywhere because you will lose the effect.
living room color ideas- monochrome decor - purple sofa and paintings