Living room wallpaper : 15 ideas and designs for inspiration

living room wallpaper ideas and designs - 2014 collection for inspiration

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today we are talking about the living room wallpaper ideas and designs, we bring a collection of wallpaper patterns for all tastes and conditions, we also provide you with some useful tips for using wallpaper in your living room interior design.

living room wallpaper ideas - stone effect

how to use wallpaper for living room to make effective changes in the interior

Although it can be used anywhere in the house, but using wallpaper in living room is often the most common option. And while the choice of paper depends heavily on our tastes, it is advisable to have a number of premises in mind.

living room wallpaper highlighting the TV wall area
If you are going to install wallpaper in the entire living room , it is preferable to choose a subtle role, bringing out the color on a light ground or low tonal contrast. Another option is to pick a wallpaper textured shadow play which contribute to warmth and an enjoyable stay in touch.
living room wallpaper with 3D effect
3D wallpaper for living room interior design
For a touch of classic in the living room, a very elegant option is to combine wallpaper with frames in sand tones on one of the walls and smooth paint in the rest of the room. Also the paper painted black or dark gray with printed gloss manages to give an atmosphere of sophistication to any room.
creative wallpaper for living room decoration
On the other hand, if your intention is to highlight an area of the room (such as the column of the fireplace or TV area), you will have fewer restrictions when choosing the paper . For example you could choose a great personality wallpaper painted with larger or bright patterns on the bottom of the desired color, or choose a paper with a more homogeneous pattern or textured, contrasting with the choice of the wallpaper tone of the rest of the room .
stripped wallpaper designs for living room
The paper also causes visual effects : For example, if we want to increase "virtually" ceiling height, the best option is to choose a paper with vertical stripes, while in large spaces with high ceilings, wallpaper halfway as base and topped with moldings can be an interesting option.

living room wallpaper ideas

In any case, we illustrate the different ideas using living room wallpaper to decorate the interior as you want.
living room wallpaper ideas, designs and patterns
stripped wallpaper to enlarge the living room ceiling height 
stripped living room wallpaper designs
creative living room wallpaper with glossy effect