Platform bed with storage for small bedrooms : top 10 in 2014

top 10 platform beds with storage spaces for  all small bedrooms

If you have a small bedroom , of course you won't find and enough storage space! So to best optimize the space there are many practical solutions. the bed becomes a real convenient. Drawers, shelves or box, choose the perfect bed that provides you with enough storage space. for inspiration, we offer 10 platform beds with storage space.

platform bed with storage space under the bed

platform bed with storage solutions (drawers, shelves, cupboards and sliding doors)

modern platform bed with storage drawers and headboard shelves
Drawers and a headboard
Drawers in the bed, they easily fits all duvet covers and pillowcases. As for the headboard of the bed, it's a space to accommodate decorative objects, books and a few secrets in its little drawers.

platform bed with hidden storage drawers for men's bedroom
hidden drawers
Masculine atmosphere in this room was achieved by black and gray. And to keep things simple, the focus is on a platform bed with storage that hides a drawer perfectly. You did not see it, right?

platform bed with storage shelves and baskets for small bedroom
Baskets and shelves
Full of ingenuity, this platform bed provides us with two kinds of handy storage. wicker baskets to hide what should not be seen on the shelves.

modern platform bed with storage sliding doors for small bedrooms
platform bed with sliding doors
Having drawers under the bed can be impractical in a small bedroom has barely enough space to open them, another option is he platform bed with storage sliding doors , they don't need large space to bed opened. what do you think?

modern platform bed with storage space for blanket storage
Safety Version
When going from winter time to summer time, we need to store the winter clothes and blankets, these things need large storage space to bed stored, this platform bed with storage solves this problem

small bed with storage drawers and casters for kid's bedroom
A wide drawer and casters
In the small kid's bedroom, it is essential to organize the storage processes. The central large drawer in the bed allows storing the current readings, and finally the bed stands on  small casters.

small bed with storage drawers for girl's room
Two large drawers
kids need space to store their toys, Then have a bed with two wide drawers is a major advantage. Particularly that this elegant and refined white model dare without problems in a little girl's room.

bunk bed with storage cupboards for small bedroom for kids
Storage cupboards under the bed
Beds for kids are often combines the best sleeping area and storage space. The proof That this model offers a raised cupboards and a corner office.