Bed headboards : use cushions to make a single bed headboard (DIY)

bed headboards: Ideas for using cushions to make a single bed headboard

In the fourth post on bed headboards we show how to make it with the help of cushions. This option is ideal if you are looking to create a custom, original, unique and inexpensive headboard.

how to make DIY bed headboard with cushions

single bed headboards options (shape, colors, fabrics and placement)

As we have said before, the bed comes in the bedroom as a main element, so you should choose a good design for your headboard, it will take our attention to it.

single bed headboards ideas
You can create as many designs as there are seats. Having square, rectangular, round, or so soft models with stripes, flowers, pictures, endless colors and lots of textures to choose from, we have a range of possibilities to decorate our bedroom with creating the focal point in the bed .

single bed headboard ideas - cushions from bed to ceiling
When thinking about placement, we can create a grid that starts from the bed and rise toward the ceiling as much as you like, forming a landscape or portrait bed headboard. If the distribution of your bedroom allows you can get to the roof, but if you prefer to emphasize the horizontal you can place them to the side of the bed, overtaking it and covering the area of ​​the bedside tables.

making DIY bed headboards with round cushions
Another ideas to decorate the bed headboards is to use a single large size pad that covers the width of the bed and stopping of the wall leaving a margin between it and the bed. Also you can design it to frame cushions like tables.

bed headboards with cushions
Finally, do not forget about the aesthetics of the cushion you select: colors, fabrics and textures consistent with the rest of the room, for example to match bedding or curtains.

bed headboards - how to make DIY bed headboards with cushions
Below you can see the  pictures of single bed headboards decoration that we have published and get ready to create your own designs.

bed headboards ideas 
single bed headboard ideas with cushions