bathroom partitions: 7 original ideas and choosing tips

7 bathroom partitions original ideas

bathroom partitions is a smart element of bathroom decor, there are some functional details in the design, so in this article I'm going to provide you with answers to the following questions: how to choose? where to place? in which materials? which design? and from where to buy?
In this article, we will avoid examples of very large bathrooms, which are more like living rooms in their area. Although it is a huge advantage of modern reality is that most people still have to be available to no more than 10 m2. Such facilities require maximum dimensions reasonableness of solutions and very rational use.
Let's see what kind of bathroom partitions can be built, what are the variations and varieties as well - the material from which they can execute.

the most materials are used in partitions:

Moisture-resistant drywall
glass blocks
natural stone
MDF, wood or chipboard

glass-brick bathroom partitions for small spaces

Corner bath : designs, materials and features

small corner bath designs, materials, features and choosing tips

Small corner bath is the modern type of bathtub which comes on a small size and that you can always use for the complete bathroom to make your bathroom look so complete and even stylish also. So, better for you to start looking at the great corner bath with small size, and this will be the great addition for your small-sized bathroom. That is why you need to take a look at some attractive designs for this bath, and you will never regret your choice of this small corner bath because of the great design and high quality product. 
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corner bath covered with small mosaic tiles 

Orange kitchen decor : 20 ideas and designs

Orange kitchen decor ideas and designs

Orange is the color associated with warmth, positive, harmony, happiness and sunny mood. This color is able to please the eye and improve mental state, psychologists argue that the "orange" color is able to save us from depression and melancholy.
All of the above advantages of the Orange color perfectly suited for kitchen decor. The orange color is not aggressive, but not boring, its tone never cause negative emotions to humans, it's an ideas choice for confident people.
today we are talking about the orange kitchen. requirements and recommendations of the orange kitchen decor 

orange kitchen decor ideas in combination with white

Kitchen bar stools: how to choose materials and designs

how to choose the kitchen breakfast bar stools: materials and design

Bar racks have long been appreciated as comfortable furniture for the home space. Their unique ability to zone the space is so important and relevant in the current studio room, with shared kitchen, dining and living area. A breakfast bar is a perfect way option when the kitchen is so modest in size that a full dining table it simply does not fit.
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kitchen breakfast bar stools with back and armrests
Today we would like to draw attention to the kitchen bar stools that invariably accompany high rack adjacent to the kitchen. We consider the idea of ​​how to choose these stools, they differ from each other, we also give some tips about the quality and the materials used.

 Determine the height of the kitchen bar stools

If you choose a chair with adjustable height base, your problems are not there in any case. But if you catch the fancy model that has such a feature is not available, it may just be unusable.
To calculate the height of the kitchen bar stools you need to measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the countertop. From this result we calculate the height of the stool. As a result, it should be lower than this distance by 25-35 cm According to experts, this is the most suitable size.

kitchen bar stools with adjustable height

kitchen breakfast bar stools: choose the style 

If the whole house is designed in the classic style, it's logical to assume that you will also need classic stools for the kitchen bar. Most often they are made of wood, upholstered in leather or thick fabric. Prop them mostly on 4 legs, back, and sometimes armrests.
If you prefer more modern materials and the design of your apartment was made in this style, you can use any kitchen bar stools, except classical.

modern kitchen breakfast bar stools

Choose the kitchen bar stools design

Material. before you choose the materials of kitchen bar stools, note that some of them - such as acrylic or plastic, for example, look very stylish, but they are not strong enough. So if your family has at least one person with a weight greater than 90 kg, choose more durable materials - steel or wood.

upholstered kitchen bar stools
Also pay attention to the leg supporting - the most durable options are those that stand on 4 legs. In the case where you have a family with a big difference in age, you will need chairs with height adjustment option.
Folding. Determine how you want the back and armrests. If the stools are just a decor element and designed for short snack or breakfast, you can choose any design. But when the kitchen bar stools and desk replaced the dining table, most likely you will need a comfortable place to place them, and the design must necessarily assume the backrest and armrests.
Upholstery. Question about frequency of use, ask yourself when deciding if you need a soft padding. It is certainly much nicer to the feelings, rather than just a solid acrylic or wooden chair. Although some recent examples of design make connoisseurs of beauty seriously ponder as to what the sacrifice - a unique design or convenience. Here already arrange the priorities for themselves.

upholstered stools for the kitchen breakfast bar

consider the color combinations in the kitchen

Start with a color design - it should be in harmony with the other elements in your kitchen. This can be satin, chrome-plated, bronze, gold or patinated metal. The same applies to the tree and its breed.
But about the color of the seats or upholstery you can try different ways. Quite really tie it with the rest of textiles in the house - sofa cushions or lampshade over the dining table. Your fantasy and imagination prompt you the right solution. Just before buying necessarily walk through all the steps described above, again.

kitchen bar stools made of leather

Perform usability test

The most important selection criterion, be sure to sit down on the selected stools. Are you comfortable? If so, buy them safely. Nothing can be more important than your comfort when selecting furniture.
It is important that the kitchen breakfast bar stools are very stable, if there are children in the house

kitchen breakfast bar stools with low height
These few simple tips will help you make the most correct and serious approach to the selection of the kitchen breakfast bar stools. In fact, this piece of furniture, though it hasn't impressive size, is capable of radically turn the the design of the room. So if you are in doubt as what to do to break the boring room, bar stools - a great opportunity to change the situation.

small bedroom paint colors: How to choose (10 ideas)

Ideas for small bedroom paint colors

In this article we  Offer specific techniques to choose and apply the suitable paint colors for small bedrooms.
paint colors for small bedroom, white-blue bedroom 

bedroom chandeliers: how to choose according to room style

how to choose bedroom chandeliers according to interior style

We all have a different idea of ​​how does perfect bedroom should look. Some see it only light and airy, while others believe that the lounge is bound to be stressed concise and not distract with unnecessary details.

modern bedroom chandeliers 

Jewelry storage ideas: how to make DIY jewelry stand

Jewelry storage ideas: how to make jewelry storage stands 
We offer step by step instructions how to make an incredibly simple, but at the same time comfortable and beautiful stand for storing earrings. jewelry storage ideas.
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jewelry storage ideas - DIY jewelry stand

20 Original jewelry storage ideas and solutions

original ornaments and jewelry storage ideas and solutions

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Is there a woman does not love jewelry? Of course not, how it can be difficult to find the right earrings or necklace if they are not stored in perfect order. In today's article we offer you some jewelry storage ideas and solutions.

ornaments and jewelry storage ideas, stand on the dressing table