bathroom partitions: 7 original ideas and choosing tips

7 bathroom partitions original ideas

bathroom partitions is a smart element of bathroom decor, there are some functional details in the design, so in this article I'm going to provide you with answers to the following questions: how to choose? where to place? in which materials? which design? and from where to buy?
In this article, we will avoid examples of very large bathrooms, which are more like living rooms in their area. Although it is a huge advantage of modern reality is that most people still have to be available to no more than 10 m2. Such facilities require maximum dimensions reasonableness of solutions and very rational use.
Let's see what kind of bathroom partitions can be built, what are the variations and varieties as well - the material from which they can execute.

the most materials are used in partitions:

Moisture-resistant drywall
glass blocks
natural stone
MDF, wood or chipboard

glass-brick bathroom partitions for small spaces

ways to design the bathroom partitions

Comments to the different types of bathroom partitions contain technical advice and recommendations on the material of which it is possible to make one or another design.

Bilateral designer shelving

This type partitions are made ​​for decoration. Its beauty is that with such an unusual and very characteristic appearance, it does not lose functionality and provides the ability to store in such an open rack lot of useful things, and decorate it nicely.
A similar design can be made of acrylic, and artificial stone. In larger size parts you can use plasterboard.
bathroom partitions - made of huge number of shelves

Monolithic with walls

This method of construction of the bathroom partitions is the most traditional. Adequate place built monolithic wall of brick, foam blocks (if the design have to be strong and very stable) or gypsum (lighter material, but also quite fragile compared to the previous).
After installation, which happens pretty quickly - you can do it for half a day, you need to plaster the partition, or paint, as we have much more common way , it's using tiles. Such a partition can serve as both a shower wall, and at the location of walls, like the one above - generally preclude the use of glass panels.

bathroom partitions designs with the same bathroom finish

Side rack with functional niches or shelves

Variations walls with shelves may be several. In one case, you can initially plan projections on the vertical plane of the drywall to make them, and then cover ir with tiles. Shelves can also be mounted, made of wood, glass, plastic, MDF or chipboard, then fixed on a finished wall. If space allows room protruding shelves can be replaced in hidden niches.
For this, you accordingly will need to do very much thicker septum to form a cell in it for storage or decoration. Bathroom niches such depth can not exceed 20-25 cm niche often mounted spot or LED backlight. It is necessary to plan in advance to a certain place electrician led wire to connect.

side bathroom partitions with shelves

bathroom partitions as retractable storage cabinets

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Most often, speaking about storage in the walls, it is meant the upper part - open shelves, completely forgetting that at a distance of 1 meter from the floor below and the space is almost always "walks". This is due to the fact that very often the partition on one or both sides adjacent to the furniture or plumbing in the bathroom.
To help all fans of cabinets and shelves come sliding system cabinets. In the picture below you can clearly see the principle of its location. It will help you make the wizard framing furniture - they have available there and facing materials - MDF themselves mechanisms leading locker in motion.

functional bathroom partitions with sliding shelves for storage

bathroom partitions of light-transmitting elements

If you have an urgent need to create a partition to the ceiling, which will block sunlight from a window or just too break space, use it in the construction of glass blocks. Their installation is very simple and not pretentious, even samples of white transparent glass not clearly convey the picture - but refract sunlight perfectly.
As an option - build a monolithic wall to the waist or just above, and the upper portion of the glass block partitions do. Such a decision can be called a "golden mean" between the blank wall and clear glass.

bathroom partitions made of glass blocks and wooden frame

As you can see, the bathroom partitions can be quite different. Before you choose for yourself some of the options again to adequately evaluate the possibility of their bathroom and rationally determine what it would be more appropriate.