bedroom chandeliers: how to choose according to room style

how to choose bedroom chandeliers according to interior style

We all have a different idea of ​​how does perfect bedroom should look. Some see it only light and airy, while others believe that the lounge is bound to be stressed concise and not distract with unnecessary details.

modern bedroom chandeliers 

Doubtless properly fitted ceiling lights sources are needed to complete the image of bedrooms, and they should be chosen depending on the style of the bedroom and the ceiling design solutions in general.
We'll show you how to choose bedroom chandelier for ceiling lighting that looks beautiful in your chosen style direction.

bedroom chandeliers for Scandinavian style:

It is known that the Scandinavian style involves the use of light-colored walls, pale wood furniture, the simple design of the windows and light curtains. But the key feature is that space, whether kitchen, living room or bedroom, eager to fill with light, both natural and artificial.

modern bedroom chandeliers for Scandinavian style

bedroom chandeliers in classic interior style

Admirers of the classics in the interior know firsthand: the style is not conceivable without the expensive upholstery, smooth, cloth-lined walls, quality wood furniture and natural materials.
Light sources are designed to transmit warmth and comfort of classic bedrooms. It follows that for such exquisite bedroom chandeliers, room can be artsy, to a greater or lesser extent.
Adding visual warmth to the elegant style of  bedroom can be hung from the ceiling with a large openwork chandelier lamps, simulating lighted candles.

classic bedroom chandeliers 
classic chandeliers for bedroom in classic style

In Minimalism style

Crisp lines, no frills and absolute functionality of each subject - all this defines concise image of the interior in minimalism style.
The ceiling in this bedroom is quite simple, and the main source of lighting devoid of complex structures, it carries the main function to illuminate the room.
about the bedroom chandeliers, The visible of irony can be added in a minimalist interior, accented contrasting white and scarlet, using the lack of effect of the chandelier. That is, instead hang a light bulb on a long wire.

Italian bedroom chandeliers for minimalism interior

chandeliers for eastern bedrooms

Characteristic of Indian and Arabic style of interior is the abundance of jewelry, iridescence, inlay and complex technology environment.
Concerning the lighting in the eastern bedrooms should really try to choose bedroom chandeliers are not "lost" in the background of all this splendor. It can be large or not, but always bright, with a maze, complex geometry shapes and shiny pendants.
Brilliant chandelier in the shape of lantern decorated with dense ornamentation, despite its large size, it looks almost weightless. And, thanks to the stylish adapted design, looks great in the bedroom oriental style. You can use two identical lights, one - over the bed, the second on the dressing table.