Orange kitchen decor : 20 ideas and designs

Orange kitchen decor ideas and designs

Orange is the color associated with warmth, positive, harmony, happiness and sunny mood. This color is able to please the eye and improve mental state, psychologists argue that the "orange" color is able to save us from depression and melancholy.
All of the above advantages of the Orange color perfectly suited for kitchen decor. The orange color is not aggressive, but not boring, its tone never cause negative emotions to humans, it's an ideas choice for confident people.
today we are talking about the orange kitchen. requirements and recommendations of the orange kitchen decor 

orange kitchen decor ideas in combination with white

tips for the orange kitchen:

1. The first thing to remember - Orange has a unique ability to displace any other color. Even the smallest detail of the interior, "orange" color eclipse all around. Therefore, you should not use orange color in very large quantities - orange kitchen decor
2. Another property of this color(orange kitchen) is a visual approximation of objects . Due to this quality it is possible to adjust the visual space. Especially true if the room has an irregular shape (eg, long narrow kitchen vestibule). Orange color can appear in large quantities too intrusive and screaming, so it's perfect in its application in the north side rooms.
3. orange color has many shades, and each of them in combination with very different palette brings a different mood; for example, peach color associated with freshness, but the orange hue is much more energetic and "active".

orange kitchen bar stools in beige decor
Orange in kitchen decor blends with shades such well:
White (a combination close to the classics)
Warm shades of blue (incredibly harmonious combination)
Green (these shades complement and enrich each other)
Gray (according to psychologists, these two colors have a stunning effect on the human psyche)
orange kitchen with brown cabinets

ideas for orange kitchen decor

4. Shades of orange in looks great in the kitchen decor facades, on the kitchen apron (working area), countertop, walls. Orange is particularly relevant in the dining area - patterns on the tablecloth as the color of chairs and tables on kitchen accessories.
Orange kitchen decor looks really impressive and "appetizing", so that the process of cooking, entertaining and meal itself turn into a real celebration.

orange kitchen decor ideas
orange kitchen island, orange-gray-yellow color combination
orange kitchen cabinets

black-white-orange kitchen decor