15 small bedroom furniture ideas and designs

15 small bedroom furniture designs and ideas

Beautiful spacious bedrooms, which can accommodate not only the big bed, but the built-in dressing table , boudoir, workplace, sofa and chairs - a dream of every housewife. But if the planning of your apartment or house produces a small bedroom - it does not matter too. Design small bedroom isn't a difficult work, but it is possible for everyone. in small bedroom it is necessary to combine two tasks simultaneously - to accommodate all the necessary things and furniture, but visually expand the space. we offer specific techniques to choose and place the small bedroom furniture to visually enlarge the room.

small bedroom furniture designs - wall units around the bed

small bedroom furniture ideas- shelves instead of nightstands 

which small bedroom furniture to choose?

small bedroom furniture: Small bedroom loves minimalism - as space in the bedroom is very small, do not clutter the room with its furniture.
Bed - the main place in the room, it is better to give preference for the platform bed without legs, it visually would seem that such a bed takes less space. To focus attention on the bed, you can make a high headboard. The perfect solution would be to use accented walls - bright patterned wallpaper behind the headboard, or separation of the walls with different color.
Sometimes in the small bedroom that it does not have enough space to place even a wardrobe, the tiny bedroom dresser is better to place instead of the cabinet. Also, you can use the space next to the bed - instead of bedside tables you can install high shelves . A great option for a small bedroom furniture - installing a built-in wall closet in front of the door. If there is enough space to place some small bedroom furniture, for example, a chair-chair or small sofa - designers do not recommend the use of large flashy prints on the upholstery.

small bedroom furniture designs and lighting ideas
small bedroom furniture ideas - platform bed with storage drawers
small bedroom furniture ideas - hanged shelves beside bed