Corner bath : designs, materials and features

small corner bath designs, materials, features and choosing tips

Small corner bath is the modern type of bathtub which comes on a small size and that you can always use for the complete bathroom to make your bathroom look so complete and even stylish also. So, better for you to start looking at the great corner bath with small size, and this will be the great addition for your small-sized bathroom. That is why you need to take a look at some attractive designs for this bath, and you will never regret your choice of this small corner bath because of the great design and high quality product. 
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corner bath covered with small mosaic tiles 

small corner bath with a stairs kit 

Dimensions of corner bath

Corner bath can be:
equilateral (150x150, 145h145, 130x130 cm)
wrong form (170h120, 170h105, 160x120 cm, etc.)
Choosing the size depends primarily on the available space. First, determine the ideal size for yourself, and only then go in search of the model - the choice today is more than sufficient, and it will not be difficult to find the right size of the corner bath.

corner bath dimensions

Gentiana Corner Bathtub

If you are a stylish person and wish to reflect your taste in your bathroom too, then buy this space saving bathtub for yourself. It is a perfect combination of style, luxury and compact space saving attributes. Together with it, the variety of accessories with it, like the bath screen, headset, handles, hydro massager, covering panel, etc. make it further attractive. This bathtub features a triangular shape with curved surfaces to minimize accidents while bathing. It is available in a dimension of 150 cms x 150 cms or 140 cms x 140 cms.
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gentaiana corner bath for stylish bathrooms

corner bath available materials

The materials of which corner bath is made :
Cast iron
Long-established material in the manufacture of baths. Iron is cold, heavy, noisy, but very durable material. it has a porous structure, so not too durable - these baths simply eventually begin to rust. Frankly, at this present time fans of cast iron bathtubs can call people who love interior design in a retro style, vintage items and return to tradition.
Polymeric material which has a lot of advantages: allows casting bath almost any shape and complexity, long retains heat in a bowl, warm to the touch, not noisy.
If I may say so, is an advanced acrylic. To the acrylic binder is added in the form of a solid quartz sand than eliminate the major drawbacks of acrylic: softness of the material and exposure to mechanical damage (scratches, etc.). But above all dignity preserved.

small corner bath materials

small corner bath for two persons 

Making front panel

corner bath has two parties, one of them is in contact with the walls. and the front part and there are several ways to refine:
Buy panel made of plastic (which is sure to be made for each individual model of the bath).
Stoned front panel tiles or mosaics (well it would combine design and combine with the decor on the walls and on the floor).
Order furniture elements of waterproof material with opening mechanism to be able to use the space under the bath (it there, of course, a bit, but for household space may be enough).
Arrange the podium or step (fortunately rarely used method in smaller bathrooms). For security reasons, it is recommended only in spacious rooms and has a gap of less than one meter from the bath to the first step. WC, as increasing the possibility of injury territory, not really need this kind of architectural delights. Although it is impossible not to recognize the visual attractiveness of such execution.

corner bath with large mosaic tiles on its front
corner bath tube with mosaic front

corner bath mixer location

In a corner bath you also have several options to place the mixer: it can be embedded directly into the side of the bowl with whatever order you hand (or wherever advise the foreman). In the case of a snug fit to the bath wall, and the mixer can be mounted directly on the vertical surface. Think this nuance worth in advance, because it affects all wiring pipes.
As you can see, corner bath has a large number of advantages. And most important of them is that you have plenty of designs to choose from - almost every element can be adjusted according to your needs and requirements. But your main and most responsible solution is still the choice of sizes - it will depends on the final impression of all bathrooms and a degree of comfort in the room.

high tech corner bath design