Bedroom wardrobe designs, ideas and types

Bedroom wardrobes : designs, ideas, dimensions and types

which bedroom wardrobe designs to buy, detached or built-in, serial or to order, rotary or linear? Study the types of cabinets, determine the necessary size and style of the model.

Types of bedroom wardrobe designs

Detached  - ready bedroom wardrobe. It can be placed anywhere in the room, and if necessary - to move to another place. Ready wardrobe consists of the rear and side walls, the top cover, bottom and doors.

 bedroom detached wardrobe design ideas
Partially built-in wardrobe. This is not only furniture but also the architecture of the room. it is partially embedded models, usually one or two missing structural parts, such as the upper lid and / or bottom. Instead, they involve the ceiling and / or floor space.

partially built-in bedroom wardrobes
Fully built-in wardrobe - architectural element of the bedroom. Details of its construction are both floor and ceiling, and walls of the niche. These types of cabinets are often referred to as a dressing room, although it's not quite right. Dressing Room  - a room or part of a cabinet - a piece of furniture for storage.

built-in bedroom wardrobe designs

wardrobe installation methods

Serial wardrobe. In this case, the manufacturer without the buyer decides the number of required shelves, drawers and rods. I do not like - choose another model.
Typical wardrobe order. Some manufacturer offer the buyer to choose the color of the veneer on the bedroom wardrobe, as well as a number of shelves, drawers and height of their location. But the number of cases is small.
Modular bedroom wardrobe. It is part of a modular program of furniture and going of separate blocks with a particular content. Buyer comes to interior and along with manager "draws" the combination. Order is sent to the manufacturer or typed from the warehouse.

mirrored wardrobe designs for small bedrooms

bedroom wardrobe styles

Choose according to your taste! Absolutely all types of bedroom wardrobe designs are performed in both the classical and contemporary style. Differs only in external appearance and some design details. For example, it is difficult to find in a classic style wardrobe with drawers closers, smooth closing their system, lighting rod. And, say, modern models are unlikely to meet boxes connected to the principle of "dovetail", which move the wooden flute guides (ie made ​​using ancient techniques).

modern mirrored wardrobe designs for modern bedroom

Bedroom wardrobes size, form and depth

In the corner and along the wall. wardrobe can be direct (linear) or angular. Everything else - just variations and combinations.
For example, to create an L-shaped model requires several straight sections and angular coupling module. If you look at the top of this unit, we will see a wardrobe with right angles. Most of these proposals meet the manufacturers of modular programs. However, you can find and free-standing corner wardrobes as a separate pieces of furniture.

rotary bedroom wardrobes
Bedroom wardrobe size
Number of wings. size of partially and fully fitted wardrobes is determined by the customer, depending on his needs and financial possibilities. Dimensions of finished models are measured by the number of cusps.
wardrobe depth
This is an important parameter that will affect the area occupied by the clothes and things will be stored in it. The most common deep enclosures 60 and 40 cm, the First takes up more space, but it gives you the advantage to store a lot of things.

bedroom wardrobe organizers

angular bedroom wardrobes