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15 contemporary living room furniture and designs 

Living room traditionally considered the central room in the house, but because it is withdrawn for usually the most spacious room. Since this room is designed for both families and for entertaining, especially living room furniture implies a balanced combination of style, beauty and comfort.

contemporary living room furniture - turquoise sofa and white chairs

contemporary living room ideas

Contemporary in living room designs can be described as modern style, which is characterized by smooth surfaces, clean lines, simple shapes, patterns and faint minimum decor. It has similarities with minimalism, and it creates a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

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primary colors that are used in contemporary living room designs, are white, black, brown and beige. But if you want to add a room depth and make it more interesting, look at the complex nuances. 

contemporary living room designs with modern curtains
Contemporary Elegance is achieved by clear lines. There is no place for curlicues, decorative delights, pretentiousness, which is inherent in many classic styles. you Should emphasize the horizontal and vertical lines, but for balancing you can add geometric shapes: circles, waves, spheres, cylinders.

contemporary living room ideas - corner sofa and ceiling lights

contemporary living room furniture

Contemporary living room furniture usually performed in a neutral color, most often use black, brown, gray and white. It should be simple and concise, with no curved lines and ornaments. Harmoniously will look natural fabrics such as fur, cotton, wool, linen, they will add texture to the contemporary living room.

Contemporary style in living room designs provides a perfect backdrop for ethnic motifs, pop art and retro. it also has the ability to integrate between different design direction.

contemporary living room furniture and wall decor
contemporary living room furniture, usually follows the concept of "less - is more." Do not overload the space with unnecessary accessories, decorations, let them be little, but they will all be carefully chosen. 

contemporary living room furniture sets and false ceiling 
Suitable sculpture, smooth vases, lamps or chandeliers with interesting shape. in contemporary living room you can apply large abstract painting hanging over the sofa. This bright detail on the background of neutral walls will certainly attract attention.

contemporary living room white furniture sets

contemporary living room designs

contemporary living room decorating ideas
ceiling design with lighting for contemporary living room designs
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