10 glass bookshelves ideas in modern style

10 modern glass bookshelves ideas and designs

storing books and heavy objects would be on wooden racks. glass bookshelves in the interior are used only for wall decoration! Custom forms, mirrored surfaces and decorative lighting - this is what the modern glass shelves have. Designers offer to place their compositions: in pairs, threes, or in-line "nests". And insist that such shelves are beautiful in themselves - not overloaded with things. While, if necessary, tempered glass sustain any weight. Yes, and modern technology make them literally unbreakable.

here we combined to you a photo collection for glass bookshelves ideas that suit the modern interior to inspire you if you are going to install bookshelves in your room.

blue glass bookshelves ideas for modern interior decor

glass bookshelves ideas for modern decor
glass bookshelves ideas with LED lighting for wall decoration
glass shelves ideas and designs

glass shelves for wall decorations